From the series “Authentic Sources Furniture, 2011 by Clemence Seilles.

»Dowiyogo’s Ancient Coral Coffee Table«, 2010 by Nicholas Mangan.

»Plan libre«, 2007 by John Cornu.

»Genitalpanik«, 1969 by VALIE EXPORT and 2005 by Marina Abramović.

»consumption junction«, 2010 by Ash Sechler.

»Fond Farewell«, 2009 by Greely Myatt.

»4EAE« (tombstone patents etched onto granite kitchen tiles), 2011 by Alejandra Salinas and Aeron Bergman.

»Glamour Girl«, 1999 music by Chicks on Speed, 2009 video by A.L. Steiner.

Performance “Door Policy, or Biting the Hand that Feeds Me, 2010 by Marlene Haring.

»Untitled (Generation Series), Mother and Daughter«, 2004 by Arwa Abouon.

»Roba Vecchia«, 2007 by Lara Baladi.

»Enginepie«, 2006 by Hassan Khan.

»Fête«, 1989 by Bridget Riley.

“Contemporary Designs”, 2011 by Jacob Dahl Jürgensen.

“untitled”, 2011 by Stephan Backes.

“Shelving for Unlocked Matter and Open Problems”, 2011 by Nina Beier.

“380 degree slide show”, 2008 by Adriana Lara.

“Untitled”, 2011 by Søren Engsted. Speaker, offsetprint, paint, glue.

»Triangle«, 1979 by Sanja Iveković.
“The action takes place on the day of the President’s visit to the city, and it develops as intercommunication between three persons:
1. a person on the roof of a tall building across the street from my apartment;
2. myself, on the balcony;
3. a policeman in the street in front of the house.
Due to the cement construction of the balcony, only the person on the roof can actually see me and follow the action. My assumption is that this person has binoculars and a walkie-talkie apparatus. I notice that the policeman in the street also has a walkie-talkie.
The action begins when I walk out onto the balcony and sit on a chair, I sip whiskey, read a book, and make gestures as if I perform masturbation. After a period of time, the policeman rings my doorbell and orders the ‹persons and objects are to be removed from the balcony.”

»Untitled (Cards)«, 2010 by Annette Kelm.

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