Still from “Buster”, 2011 by Kate Gilmore. Video.

“F for Figure”, 2011 by Chris Succo. Patinated bronze.

»Untitled«, 1964 relief in aluminum by Vojin Bakić.

»A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z«, 2011, the alphabet in Morse code transmitted by the man into the woman. By Anetta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkácová.

Performance “Elektro Fleischmann”, 2010 by Salvatore Viviano. Video.

»Untitled« (prototype for a laser piece), 2011 by Ruben Grilo.

»Perfect Bodies«, 2011 by Kim Seob Boninsegni.

»Calling German Names (Zeitglockenturm Bern)«, 1972 by James Lee Byars.

“TV-Helmet (Portable living room)”, 1967 by Walter Pichler.

»Crinkum-Crankum«, 2010 by Helen Dowling.

»VIA DI PORTA LAVERNALE«, 2011 by Alberto De Michele.

Still from “Watercircles”, 2010 by Paulien Oltheten.

»Revolutionen des Alltäglichen«, 2009 by Martin Soto Climent.

»technical compositions«, 2011 by Chris Wiley.

»Sailing by«, 2010, cup and radio playing “Sailing by” four times a day on windowsill with river view. By Juliette Blightman.

»Black Light (For Ten Performers)«, 2009-2010 by Nina Canell. Electrical cable (removed from ten households), phosphorescent shrink-tube, 70 cm diameter.

“Doing the Undoing”, 2010 by Nick Relph. Cotton, wool and dress form.

»Logic for Variation and Inversion on a Rhythm«, 1976 by Channa Horwitz.

»Trylon & perisphere«, 2009 by Emre Hüner.

»Revue«, 2010 by Sinta Werner.

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