»Grandi Bianchi«, 2011 by Bernard Dubois and La Ville Rayée.

Drunken Clarity“, 2011 by Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro. Broken beer bottles, putty, 24 carat gold, gum arabic.

»Void Mastery / Blank Control«, 2011 by Petra Cortright.

»Lonesome George«, 2005 by Rachel Berwick.

»Rock Mind (fog)«, 2009 by Helen Mirra.

“For objects and the infinite – like or after a Katarzyna Kobro exhibition design (retitled and changed display)”, 2011 by Lasse Schmidt Hansen. Glass, wood, paint.

Performance “7 hours, 7 days“, 2009 by Leah Capaldi.

»Decorations of the Mind II«, 2011 by Shana Moulton.

»Diasin II«, 1969 by Vjenceslav Richter.

“Lage, Ort, Position”, 2011 by Sonia Leimer. Photography by Cem Yücetas.

»Sans titre (salle omnisports)«, 2005 by Didier Marcel.

»traveling chairs«, 2010 by Marina Faust.

»NEON-VOLVOLO /POP-ARZIGOGOLO«, 2007 by Ludovica Gioscia.

»Belgian Embassy«, 2010 by Sasha Zivkovic.

»MIDHIGH 105«, 2011 by Nicolas Sassoon.

“Random Moments in Simultaneous Encounters (3 panels)”, 2000/2001 by Stephen Willats. Photographic prints, photographic dye, acrylic paint, letraset text and ink on card.

»Them as a Fountain«, 2003,

»Skeleton Coast«, 2005 by Alexander Apóstol.

“Open Book #6 (George Platt Lynes)”, 2011 by Anne Collier.

“Untitled”, 2009 by Rolf Nowotny. Images of ventriloquist dummy heads’ mechanisms printed on creative paper (Papiér du Monde).

»Maternity Leave«, 23rd April 2011 – 23rd April 2012, by Lenka Clayton.

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