»The Commons«, 2011 by Paul Ramírez Jonas.

»It’s the End for Modern Gratification«, 2011 by Adam Cruickshank.

»Vasarely Foundation«, 2008 by Leon Chew.

„Untitled 5150«, 2006 by Daniel Turner.

»Hot Pot for Kling and Bang«, 2009 by Craig Le Blanc.

Twilight“, 2011 by Guillaume Maraud.

»Cassis 08«, 2008 by Raphaël Halin.

“Display for Images With Their Own Shadows at Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana”, 2010 and “Display for Images With Their Own Shadows at Metro Pictures Gallery, New York”, 2009 by David Maljković.

Installation view of “D I Why?”, 2009 by Das Institut.

»Artifacts2«, 2010 by Petros Moris.

»Katzensilber«, 2003 by Nicole Wermers.

»Catwalk«, 2007 by Sarah Dornner.

»Hip Hip Today«, 2007 by Larissa Sansour.

Still from “New again”, 2011 by Lucy Coggle.

“Untitled”, 2011 by Neïl Beloufa.

»Cigarette Ends Here«, 2011 by Marlie Mul.

»Legend«, 2011 by Timur Si-Qin.

»Joan Mitchell’s Hemlock, Landscape Ting on Struc-tube«, 2011 by Juliette Bonneviot.

“Wallhanging (eleven Drafts)”, 2011 by Jenni Tischer. Aquarell on paper.

»katanga bub«, 2011 by Anne de Vries.

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