“Pole”, 2010 by Morag Keil.

»Darkroom«, 2006 by Sheela Gowda.

»Score Settling 5«, 2008 by Teresa Margolles.

»CV Dazzle™« by Adam Harvey.

»Rassenköpfe«, 2009 by Markus Proschek.

“Frog Substitutes”, 2011 by Henning Bohl.

“Untitled #46”, 2010 by Matt Hinkley. Polymer clay.

“Blob Face”, 2011 by Daif King.

I Asked My Friends To Describe An Artwork To Me“, 2008 by Petra Feriancova.

“Robbery”, 2010 by Gregory Polony.

»quantum blink«, 2011 by Isabel M. Martinez.

»Black Pig Lodge«, 2011 by Heather and Ivan Morison.

“The one I shall now describe, if I can…”, 2011 by Cynthia Daignault. Oil on linen.

»Summoned Luck for Missing Numbers«, 2011 by Karen Kraven.

“Untitled”, 2011 by Nate Boyce.

“Gs” by Richard Sides. Monitor, flat speakers, LaserDisc, steel rod, cable, Madras paper, flocked object, steel frame, projector lens.

Installation “Place for a Viewer”, 2009 by Dominik Lang.

»German Girl«, 1930 by Hannah Höch.

»Copperhead #81«, 1990 by Moyra Davey.

»All Men Are Equal, But Some Are More Equal, Than Others (Orwell)«, 2008 by Thea Djordjadze.

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