Rehearsal“, 2008 by Hanna Schwarz.

From “Vandalism Series”, 1973-75 by John Divola.

»Beauty (Amelie)«, 2010 by Matthias Gabi.

»PostGarden – SPY Photo Series«, 2011 by Cao Fei.

»No Image, Commercial Breaks«, 2011 by Yemenwed.

»Eldfell«, 2006 (copper) by Micol Assaël.

»Hallucination Technology«, 1986 by Sture Johannesson.

»Untitled, MAK 01«, 2012 by Krüger & Pardeller.

“Ceramic Modern Lamp”, 2009 by Francis Upritchard. Ceramic, brass, steel, lighting components.

»Hand Job«, 2007 by Kevin Francis Gray.

»CC container with Parlor Plants«, 2011 by Annika Rixen.

»Public Work 1«, 2009 by Nicolas Deshayes.

“o.T.”, 2010 by Benjamin Hirte.

Still from »Deadline«, 2007 by Saskia Olde Wolbers.

Documentation of “Repeat, Rehearse, Replay: A Conversation“, 2011 by Ruth Proctor.

»Interval«, 2011 by Anne Hardy.

“2-Dimensional Mirror Mobile”, 2011 by Jeppe Hein. Stainless steel plate, mirrors.

1. These rulers are not timelines themselves.

2. These rulers are timeline makers.

Rulers by Cevdet Erek.

The Kiss“, 2007/2010 by Maria Anwander. French kiss on wall and museum label.

Roza Janiszewska.

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