»Blue Black Red 1«, 2012 by Devin Farrand.

“Terri”, 2011 by Gillian Wearing. Painted bronze on plywood plinth.

»Street Money 2«, 2011. Money found in public spaces in London, over the course of one year, by Carla Cruz.

“Untitled”, 2012 by Kirsten Pieroth. Eggcup, egg.

6 years of Vvork. Thank you for your continuous support.

The Eating Gear Grinding Machine” from the series “The Sound of Images” by Niko Princen.

»Birth of the Net«, 2012,

»Professional berry visuals«, 2012

and »Girl Morph«, 2012 by Guthrie Lonergan.

“Thron”, 2006 by Michaela Meise. Travertin, timber, stain, linseedoll and wax.

»Balaklava«, 1986 by Rosemarie Trockel.

Book Exchange“, 2010 by Warren Neidich.

»If You Leave, Walk Out Backwards, So I’ll Think You’re Walking In«, 2012. A site-specific sound installation by Hannah Weinberger.

»Stenotype« (detail), 2010 by Alex Martinis Roe.

»la clé«, 1988 by Sheila Hicks.

»Buildings You Have to See Before You Die«, 2008 by Jose Dávila.

»Non-Indépliable, la tour bleue«, 2010 by Haegue Yang.

“No Great Discovery Was Ever Made Without a Bold Guess (Time Machine)”, 2012 by Gabriele De Santis. Electric torch, crystal object, wood plinth.

»Glassworks Reversed«, 2011 by Tobias Spichtig.

»Imagine to be here, right now (Comrades of Time)«, 2011 by Andrea Geyer.

»Bed«, 2009 by Toshi Takeuchi.

»La Mano Gigante«, 2011 by Discoteca Flaming Star.

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