Journée des Barricades”, 2008 by Heather and Ivan Morison. Various industrial and domestic items.

»Peace Wall«, 2012 by Nada Prlja.

“New Materials in the Reading of the World”, 2011 by Chooc Ly Tan. Video.

»Dreamcatchers #1-8«, 2011 by Maiken Bent.

»REALISM«, 2011 by Yan Xing.

»Versions«, 2012 by Oliver Laric.

»The Merchant of Venice«, 2010 by Kiluanji Kia Henda.

»Mucho Caliente«, 2010 by Los Carpinteros.

»Pulse Machine«, 2012 by Alicia Eggert.

“Untitled (flat tambourine logarythm manual, snare drum, hi hat and bottle top, floor tom / bottle top, Mikrofonspinne)”, 2012 by Michael Gumhold. Tripods, wood, canvas, springs, paint, parts of drum kit, cooking pot, lid, crown caps, mirror folie, wood, recordplayer, varnish, book, aluminium, recording studio tripod, screws, cucumber.

»Doldrum«, 2009 by Anri Sala.

»STOMP«, 2011 by Yngve Holen.


»23:40«, 2008 (each day at 11:40 p.m. the stick strokes the snare once) by Valentin Ruhry.

I, Slowly (1.95kHz)”, 2011 by Anna Sagstrom.

Snare Transference”, 2010 by Tyler Adams.

Kuh”, 2012 by Superflex.

»Maria«, 2002 by Melanie Bonajo.

»Libido Uprising«, 1989 by Jo Spence.

Lutz Bacher.

Season two episode three of »There’s No “I” in Trisha« by Trisha Baga.

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