»Archive Project-#009«, 2011 by Seung Woo Back.

»NIGHTLESS«, 2010 by Yuichiro Tamura.

Installation, 2010 by Suse Weber.

»Tattoo Collection«, 2012 by Yves Scherer.

“I C Through U (Dandy)”, 2012 by Aaron Curry. Ink, silkscreen and spray paint on wood with painted aluminum base.

Czechoslovak Radio, 1968, by Tamás St. Turba.

»Je meurs trop«, 1977 by Robert Filliou.

»La société du spectacle brickbat«, 2006 by Claire Fontaine.

»In Comparison« 2009 by Harun Farocki.

»Mud Brick Spiral« 2012 by Elín Hansdóttir.