A screen shot of an on-line performance, which took place at wikipedia.org, at a page catagorizing the filmography of Jean-Luc Godard every other link was clicked leaving the impression of a French flag and the national colors.

»Monumental Disaster«.


»Assistance Shelf«. Install identical shelves side by side in a room with high ceilings, the shelf height should be near or around 16 feet from the floor. A height that requires assistance to utilize. Each shelf will be designated a different user. The shelves will hold the users everyday items, example. keys, wallet, cigarettes, phones, etc. The everyday items will be placed on the shelves at night, and retrieved in the morning. Ladders or stacked furniture may not be used in accessing the shelves. A non-participant with the shelves may be present to document. The process should take place for multiple consecutive days, a week weak should be sufficient. All works by Alexandr Skarlinski.