»MULTIPLEX«, 22.4. – 25.4. 2010, Munich

curated by vvork.com for peer to space

with works by:
Paul Chan, Michael Bell-Smith, Timur Si-Qin, Agnieszka Polska, Guthrie Lonergan, Rafael Rozendaal, Constant Dullaart, Charles Broskoski, Joel Holmberg, Kari Altmann, Hayley Silverman, Petra Cortright, Anouk Kruithof, Harm van den Dorpel, Michael Aschauer, Carla Edwards, Damon Zucconi, Laura Brothers, Ken Seeno, Eve Essex, Chris Collins, Matthieu Clainchard, Alex Delany, Brock Davis, Billy Rennekamp, Dena Yago, Jason Lee, Annika Larsson, Manuel Gorkiewicz, Will Rockel and John Michael Boling


from left to right: Dena Yago & Jason Lee, Damon Zucconi, Will Rockel, Harm van den Dorpel


Kari Altmann


from left to right: Harm van den Dorpel, Timur Si-Qin, Damon Zucconi


from left to right: Billy Rennekamp, Agnieszka Polska, Carla Edwards, Paul Chan


from left to right: Petra Cortright, John Michael Boling, Agnieszka Polska

Multiplex01_1BR_2AP_3CE_4PCh Multiplex02_1CB_2DZ_3_TS_4xxxx Multiplex03_1CB_2DZ_3CE_4xxxx Multiplex04_1DYJL_2xxxx_3WR_4HVDD Multiplex06_1DYJL_2RR_3CD_4AL Multiplex07_1JH_2RR_3CE_4AL Multiplex08_1JH_2RR_3CE_4AL_ Multiplex09_1KA_2AP_3MG_4AL Multiplex10_1KA_2AP_3MG_4PC Multiplex11_1KA_2MC_3CE_4AL Multiplex12_1KS_2AP_3CE_4PC Multiplex13_1KS_2AP_3CE_4PCh Multiplex14_1KS_2AP_3MG_4PC Multiplex15_1KS_2EE_3MG_4HVDD Multiplex17_1KS_2xxxx_3CD_4PC Multiplex18_1KS_2xxxx_3MG_4PC Multiplex19_1KS_ 2EE_3MG_4HVDD Multiplex20_1LB_2DZ_3CE_4xxxx Multiplex21_1LB_2RR_3MG_4AL Multiplex22_1MBS_2AD_3WR_4PC Multiplex23_1MBS_2DZ_3CE_4AK Multiplex24_1MBS_2DZ_3CE_4HVDD Multiplex25_1MBS_2DZ_3CE_4MA Multiplex26_1MBS_2EE_3CE_4BD Multiplex27_1MBS_2GL_3JMB_4AL Multiplex28_1MBS_2RR_3HS_4AL Multiplex29_1MBS_DZ_3CE_4xxxx Multiplex30_1na_2RR_3HS_4AL

Moving pictures are projected onto the four windows of the exhibition space. Each of the four channels plays its independent program, assembled from the works of over twenty international artists. The time for each channel to complete its program varies, which leads to ever changing combinations of the artists’ work. The collective of the projections can be understood as a new autonomous work, which contains a multitude of variations. In content the works are related by their sparse movements and reduced narrative elements. By arraying the works in sequence as well as in confrontational positions, the installation develops its own dramaturgy. All works are shown without sound.