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  • 4.0 star rating

    The bacon/bratwurst sandiwiches on pretzel buns and the mac-n-cheese bites were so delicious that I would consider hosting a wedding reception here just to see trays of those apps again. Not that I'm in danger of getting married anytime soon, ha ha. But I would jump at the chance to party here again, in the big Biergarten with the outdoor tables, indoor tables, balcony, stage, etc. Very versatile space!

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    I can't believe I never wrote about the Yelptoberfest at Plattduetsche Park! Ein arschloch!

    Well, if you look at the other glowing reviews, there isn't much that hasn't been said. The space is phenomenal, so open and airy and SO BEAUTIFUL! This place will be a hot spot in the summer for sure.

    And yes, it was true - free beer. FREE UNLIMITED BEER. And wine. (!)

    The servers were super friendly and words beyond awesome. They came around non-stop with trays of wunderbar! Potato pancakes, mac and cheese bites, Bavarian pretzels (my favorite! I love soft pretzels) and other goodies and noshes.

    The Photo booth was super fun and I relive those memories of a great night out every time I look at my fridge.

    Prost, ein toast!

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    The event page spoke of German Bites and complimentary beers. It was more like a German buffet feast and buckets of beer to stuff yourself until you explode. Plattduetsche Park Restaurant and Yelp definitely fed us well and this was one of the better events in a while.

    Food tables lined the side of the walls with a delicious selection of Bratwurst, Curry wurst, Knackwurst, Krainerwrust, and sausages. And then there was a whole table dedicated to the crispy golden veal schnitzel accompanied by jaeger, champignon, and ziguener sauces.

    But I wouldn't would have known what these were called if it wasn't for the food intellect of the staff and servers. They knew their food and provided very friendly service. I especially loved the attentiveness of the waiters and waitress. If they saw your plate empty, they swarmed in to feed you. By the end of the night, my plate had more toothpicks and forks stabbed into it than a voodoo doll!

    Kudos to Jando for pulling this grand event off!

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    What would I do with myself if Jando wasn't there to spice up my life?!? Once again, Jando throws the greatest Yelp events of all times and we should all applaud for that! Kudos!!!

    This Beer Garden is bigger in life than in pictures. The GM, Matt, was very chilled and down to earth. He came around to all the tables and introduced himself as well as giving us a brief history of the place and how it used to be a bowling alley. The food was totally awesome. We got to try out all these different kinds of German Beer, sausages, and Hors d'oeuvre. The potato pancakes, mac and cheese, curry sausages and potato salad were my personal favorites! I got to reunite with so many people I've lost touched with and I'm glad that Yelp brings us back together again!

    Looking forward to the next event. P.S. Awesome Yelp mints too! They were so adorable! Props to whoever thought of it. Excellent idea on the photo booth. I had a total blast!! Keep up the good work guys!

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    The Right Man for the Job is a contemporary fiction novel written by Magnuson. I feel this book title should be stripped and given to our Community Leader, Jando for his future Yelp Biography. His Elite Events are always a great time, always well attended, not to mention his readiness to answer emails from people that can not navigate the YELP RSVP link.

    When I came upon Plattduetsche Park Restaurant, I readied myself for the hunt for parking, I was elated to see there was a sectioned off area just around the back for our metal chariots. The physical size of the building was not truly revealed until you reached the grounds of the outdoor beer garden.  Plattduetsche Park Restaurant could host the Inaugural Ball with the seating inside and out, upstairs and down.

    As the solo guitarist played away, I settled in with a Spaten and began to absorb some of my surroundings. You could not find a face in the crowd that was not smiling and most all of them were chewing on something.

    The hors d'oeuvre that are typically served prior to the meal never ceased and continued through the event. All of the choices were excellent in quality (minus the mac and cheese nugget) and abundant in availability. Plates of pretzels, potato pancakes, mini sliders, speck and much more seemed to never stop coming out of the kitchen.

    Served in the  "butler-style" or "butlered" hors d'oeuvre, the servers were well pressed and polished in their jacket-less tuxedo's, enthusiastic and really seemed to be enjoying their toil.

    Wursts upstairs were briefly explained to me and my +2 downstairs by the General Manager as well as upstairs by the servers themselves who were manning (womanning) the steaming trays.

    ~Another Stellar Elite Event for the books. Hope everyone had as much fun as I did.

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    Best Yelp Elite Event ever!!!!

    I thought I saw Ju L. there for a second, but then I saw food and may have neglected to say hello. Now I feel like a horrible human being. Sorry! I was starving!

    Food: out of all the countries in Europe, I admire Germany the most. As such, German food has always been among my favorites. There wasn't a single piece of bad food served. From sausages to sandwiches to pretzels to salami to pretzel burgers to veal- everything was to die for. The beers on tap were also exceptional! THEY HAVE THE GREATEST POTATO PANCAKES EVER!

    Service: every server here was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable about German food that the venue was serving! They were all so efficient and encouraged me to take food home.

    Decor: the place looks and feels brand new!

    I got to see Win C.! High schoolers reunited!

    I will be back, especially because this place is relatively close to my office in Garden City. :-). Thanks to Jando for a great time, as always.

    I love being able to write this on my phone while waiting for Court. Thanks, Yelp Mobile!!

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    Wunderbar! Danke schön, Jando!

    What better way to celebrate Oktoberfest than in a Bier Garten? Sure, Oktoberfest is already over in Deutschland but here in the good ole U.S. of A we break the rules and celebrate a September holiday for the entire month of October! With free flowing beer and German nosh galore how could you not have an incredible time!?

    The potato pancakes circulated early and set a good base for the beer. Accompanied with apple sauce and lindenberry sauce they were the perfect sweet and savory balance. The Bavarian pretzels were crisp on the outside and soft on the inside paired with spicy mustard. The highlight was "The Little Bavarian" a slice of bratwurst with bacon and cheese on a pretzel roll--ganz lecker!

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    My bologna has a first name, it's O-S-C-A-R. My bologna has a second name, it's M-A-Y-E-R and as much as I don't mind bologna it didn't hold a candle to ANY of the deliciously wonderful sausages served by Plattduetsche Park Restaurant!!

    As I told Ingrid S. as we set out for the N6 bus to head to our respective homes - "THIS IS THE BEST YELP EVENT I'VE EVER BEEN TO THAT WASN'T ON A BOAT!!!". It's really hard to compare anything to last January's Yelp Holiday Hangover - but folks, whoever didn't make the trek to this foreign, foreign land really missed out.

    So since this was Yelptoberfest and at a bonafide biergarten, I'm going to start with the fantastic biers. I tried all of them (because that's how I roll and when in First I went for the Hefeweizens as those are my "go to" beer when in a German beer hall.

    Hefeweizens are usually light colored (think blonde ale), quite sweet and fruity (citrusy really), with a full body and a clean, crisp and refreshing after taste and their Hefeweizen was no different, although still second to my favorite Hefeweizen, Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier which is brewed in a brewery in Freising, Bavaria. Yes I'm a beer snob and yes I love ze German brews.

    I also tried 2 of their German white wines, a Pinot and their Riesling which to be honest, was sweeter than they normally were and not really my cup of tea. I did take on the loft goal of trying EACH of their beers available on draft using my handy dandy little plastic wine cup as my bier vessel. See the list below and my thoughts:

    * Krombacher Pilsner - It was okay, good for a Pilsner but Pils aren't my favorite.

    * Krombacher Dunkel - Delicious dark wheat beer, surprisingly light and delish
    * Krombacher Weizen - AWESOME. My #1 favorite.

    * Plattduetsche Kölsch - It was okay. My first time trying a Kölsch.

    * Spaten Oktoberfest Ale - YES. This was my #2 favorite, I tend to have an affinity towards Oktoberfest seasonals!

    * Spaten Munich Lager - It was okay, I'm picky about my lagers to begin with. Better than Brooklyn Brewery's "Brooklyn Lager" though!

    * Spaten Optimator - This was interesting. The notes were interesting. Interesting is the theme here.

    * Spaten Dunkel - Yummy, had an interesting almost black coffee flavor with a tad of a metal-like aftertaste. Certainly no Krombacher!

    Plus the bartending staff were so friendly, knowledgable and all around awesome! Shout out to Eric (who I called "Prince Eric" all night and he loved it) and James for being so warm, hospitable and assisting me on my "gonna try every beer" Tour de Bier operation :).

    The food offerings here were INSANE. I've never at a Yelp event been like, "PLEASE NO MORE!!! CANNOT HANDLE!!! AHHHH SO FULL!! WHY IS THERE SO MUCH FOOD?! OH GOSH THIS IS SO DELICIOUS, GET INTO MAH BELLYYYYY!!!".

    As those amazing, decadent and gooey mac n' cheese bites kept crawling into my mouth I tried to attack them with deliciously savory German salami and all sorts of different sausages, veal schnitzel, homemade spätzle with delicious sauces (the creamy mushroom one was my fave!) and the Barvarian pretzel sandwiches with sausage, swiss cheese and crispy bacon were by far one of best things I've eaten all year - and I eat a lot, lol.

    Of course, not to be forgotten, the awesome photo booth by Sweetbooth was a delight! I've never secured props so quickly for a 4 photo rapidfire photoshoot - we had a blast! This whole event was a BLAST and to top things off the Detroit Tigers were destroying Boston's Red Sox when we left - HUZZAH!!

    My last quote of the night to Ingrid as we contemplated at the bar over how we both ate our weight in delicious German cuisine, "I don't even want to give this event 5 stars on Yelp. Tonight was so much more than that - this was a 50 billion star event". Not even the F train/N6 commute round-trip could kill my buzz. Awesome event Jando, prost and ja!

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    ...Still...too full....must write review.

    Thanks Jando and Plattduetsche Park Restaurant, my belly is full of beer, sausages and schnitzels.

    The venue for the event had so much space. It can probably accommodate at least 1000+ people here.  The stage was pretty far from where everyone else was standing, which was near the bar and buffet tables, but music from the solo guitarist was banging.  The place was brand new as the manager told us and it still had that new wood smell.  He informed us that the tables were made from an old bowling alley that was uncovered as they were demolishing the place.  The photobooth was so empty in the beginning but lines started to snake around before Yelpers got a chance to snap some snazzy pics.

    Staff was all very attentive and they kept coming out with plates of mini pretzel sandwiches, mac and cheese bites, German jerky (tasted like slim Jim's) potato pancakes, and cured meats.  The buffet served four different sausages, potato salad, cabbage, kraut', noodles and schnitzels. The bar was open to any tap you request.  I opted from a lager and the Oktoberfest brew, both tasted awesome.

    Everything tasted awesome and I had to reject the never ending plates of food offered by the staff walking around to me.  

    Towards the end, I only had room to breathe...

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    What a fantastic night, and great first Elite experience for me!

    I was not expecting the grounds to be so beautiful. I thought Plattduestsche was only a restaurant and catering hall. But when I saw there new beer gardens building I was blown away. This was a beautiful, unique structure! It was HUGE and flowed nicely into an outdoor beer garden as well, via these huge garage door like structures which stayed open and let people freely walk inside and outside.

    I walked into the event and saw a live performer and lots of beer set up. I knew it was going to be a good night. AND IT WAS! I am a sucker for some live music playing alternative hits!

    Everything from food, to beer, to guests was just wonderful. The wait staff was very attentive and there was a lot of food available. The manager of the restaurant was extremely nice as well. He came over to us at one point and we enjoyed talking to him about the renovations done to the grounds, as well as some history about the restaurant. The bartenders were equally kind and fun to chat with about beers and their experience working at the restaurant and new grounds.

    This place is going to be open year round now. I can not wait to take back friends and family and show them this unique experience.

    I can not wait for the next Elite Event

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    Wow! Let's take a moment for me to organize my thoughts on this unbelievably awesome event, as this is bound to be a long, excitedly-written, review.

    I arrived with my +2 a bit early (I'm a Long Island Yelper who lives in an adjacent town), so I walked them around the restaurant part of Plattduetsche (finally able to spell this right without messing it up) as I've been here twice before over the summer.

    The indoor biergarten is a stunning facility, with warm lighting, inviting stonework, exposed ski-lodge style wood, and plenty of room to enjoy your neighbor rather than fight for elbow space. The first floor houses a large and well-stocked beer bar (which had wine and cider for non-beer aficionados). Plattduetsche is where I first tried the Krombacher dark over the summer. I loved it so much I ordered a stein, so for it to be on tap and free at this event you can be assured I tipped those amazing bartenders well. There's a second smaller bar on the same first level as well as picnic tables and a stage. Behind the stairwell is an outdoor patio which features a large screen tv and wooden keg barrel tables. I know I will be here frequently for soccer and baseball games in the spring. The bathrooms were spacious as well and I loved that giant water trough for a sink.

    We were first greeted by Plattduetsche's General Manager Matt. This guy was so unbelievably nice and chatted with us for at least 15 minutes. I loved all the stories he told us about the history of this restaurant. I didn't know they also owned the retirement home next door as well as built the Wyclef Heights hospital in Brooklyn. I like being able to support a local business with a big heart. Matt also entertained us with the story of how the biergarten came to fruition, suffered a bit with pesky Sandy, and how the tables on the second level are the perfect condition bowling alley lanes the construction company found when they broke ground on the hall. Matt told us how frequent old-timers would always speak of the bowling alley back in the 1930's but he would never believe them. Clearly he had to eat his own words on that one!

    Matt also informed us Plattduetsche has DirectTV and FiOS which is great for you football fans (and will be great for the sports I like to watch). On Sundays they have a great football deal with 1/2 price wings and $20 buckets! Reserve me a table already Matt!!

    The staff was well-trained, genuinely friendly, and when I told the wait staff passing the mac and cheese bites to always visit me, they followed up on that request. I wish they would deliver those delectable bites to my house. I also really enjoyed the Bavarian sliders and potato pancakes. I tried all the hors d'oeuvres and I was thoroughly impressed with all of them; bavarian pretzels, speck ham on rye, and the other assortment of goodies.

    The weiner bar and veal schnitzel were also a great surprise. I loved that weiner with the sauce on it, so if some can jot my memory on which one that was I would love you forever. Their spaetzle was also something I marked on my list to talk about. I had always been excited to try spaetzle after seeing it on a Triple D episode. The first time I had it was at a beer hall in Albany, and I wasn't over the moon about it. This spaetzle has shown that spaetzle can be mouth-wateringly good as I thought it once could be. The 'kraut was spot on as well.

    I also want to give a HUGE shout out to Tommy, the man behind the guitar crooning out acoustic favorites all night. It really added to the warmness of the night. I found out he guest bartends on Fridays!

    Sweetbooths was also so much fun! I went twice, and I am still laughing over the pictures we took. Great props and the operator had her energy on all night, good for her, she was so sweet!

    Also, I want to thank Sandy's Party Supplies for the balloons! They are a local business who my family has used for many of our own family events and I was so happy to see them here.

    And last but certainly not least, thank-you Herr Jando & co! You were as you always are an excellent host and MC (I'd give you all the awards Joel Grey got for 1972s Cabaret!) This was my favorite Yelp Elite event I've been to so far!!


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    Such an awesome time. I left 5 pounds heavier.  

    Food just kept on coming and of course I have so self control so I had to pick almost every time.  Besides all of the picking the main dish of sausage and schnitzel was delicious.  

    To add on to all of the food the beer was just flowing.

    Great time and I can't wait till the next Yelp Event.  Hope to see you at the next event!!

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    Listed in Yelp Elite

    This was my very first Elite Event, and I had a blast! Jando is very friendly and wasted no time making sure I felt welcome in the community. I brought my boyfriend with me, and we were overwhelmed by the sheer size of this place! Plattduetsche had recently been renovated, and it really gives you that authentic German beer garden atmosphere. There are generous amounts of indoor and outdoor seating, and they could easily house thousands of guests.

    The bar and photo booth were conveniently right next to each other, and we had a fun time scrambling for different props in time for the shots! When we walked upstairs, we found the view from the second floor looking down to be amazing. They even have a large balcony area with a very romantic view of the lot with string lights hung up on the trees! Within the first half hour, I had already intended to tell all my friends about it so that we can come back again.

    The bartenders were on point all night - of the different beers on tap, I really enjoyed their Kolsch and Spaten Octoberfest the most. I really liked how their servers were walking around with trays upon trays of finger foods, leaving no one's plate empty at any point. My favorite was the bratwurst, bacon, and cheese on pretzel rolls. Mmm.. too good! As for our main course, it was arranged buffet-style on the second floor. Their girls were dressed in really cute outfits and were very knowledgeable about all the different dishes. The schnitzel and sausages were great, and I believe their service deserves an A+.

    Overall, I had really a great time and I'm glad that I came out to enjoy the festivities with everyone. I'm looking forward to attending more Yelp Elite events in the near future! ^.^

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    Yelptoberfest my new favorite holiday

    I was fortunate that my sister who is a Yelp Elite invited me and my boyfriend to attend this great event.

    I have been to Plattduetsche Park Restaurant  many years ago when i attended a sweet 16.
    Years later the place looks great.. the food was outstanding and i tried for the first time Krombacher Dark and it was great... Usually I prefer Cider beers and fruity wines, but this beer was great!!

    I thought the event was well organized and was great to meet some new people.  Great work! I will definitely be back  to this place.... So grateful it is also local for me, which could be trouble in a good way!

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    The first time I ever had booze of any nature I was 3. Hold on, there is an actual connection to this story. My three siblings and a bunch of my cousins thought it would be hilarious to play bartender in our Great Uncle Walt's basement. They spiked my apple juice with vodka. And. . . I loved it! I then remember he came downstairs to lovingly chasten us and sing "The Snitzelbank Song". He had a little record player and this guy was huge and would troll around in his suspenders and belt out all of these German folk songs. His parents were from Austria, I guess he had his reasons. But that was exactly what Plattduetsche felt like since my foot stepped through the big doors. Well worth the trip and if I could give an event 5.5 stars, I totally would this time!

    Where do I begin? Those pretzel sandwich things. Or Little Bavarians that came with sliced bratwurst, swiss cheese, and bacon. A server handed me one when I first entered as I stood debating over German Ales. Amazing. Second favorite thing of the night was a toss up between the smoked Gouda Mac and cheese bites which didn't taste processed at all but rather intense. It was warm and gooey and fresh out of the oven. I ate way too many of them. They just kept coming towards me like 'they knew'. Second favorite were the potato pancakes. I love me some lingonberry jam. Tastes like grandma's cooking.

    There were also a vast array of sausages to sample. Favorites were the bratwurst and the Currywurst, which is an interesting twist with curry infused ketchup. The Krainerwurst tasted a little dry to me and the knackwurst just too much like a hotdog. After way too much sausage, which I rarely ever say, we went over and asked for the smallest portion of Scnitzel as possible. It was still so much. A little on the dry side, the medium brown mushroom sauce helped it a lot. I was not a fan of the white sauce which my friend got. It tasted like cream of mushroom soup. The spaetzel was average. But what stood out most memorable to me were the potato salad and cabbage. The potato salad didn't have mayo in it. EXCITING. It was real German potato salad and that red cabbage that had been stewing for hours with apples. . . . man, Christmas dinner.

    After all of this, fat and happy, we sat and watched the Tigers clock the Red Sox. BOOM. And then proceeded to sample every single beer on tap. My personal favorite is the Spaten Optimator. Not just because it's abv is over 8% but because it is one of the more unique almost a nutty brown German beers I've ever had in my life. I tasted not really any hops but a caramel maltiness. The Oktoberfest and Krombacher Weizen were also not too shabby. Skip on the wine though here. It's either a little too dry or a little too fruity. No good. Best Yelp Queens Event in Long Island ever. I wish this place existed in Brooklyn!

    *Almost forgot! Let's not forget the little guitar boy that was belting out some quality 90's hits.

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    My first Elite Queens event, and it was so much fun!

    The venue was amazing! Great open space and setup. If they were in Manhattan, I would be there all the time. Unfortunately, this location is far from where I usually am.

    Food: It was free, so 5 stars! But I honestly wasn't really a fan of any of the food that were served upstairs. I did enjoy the hors d'oeuvres that were going around!

    Staff: Super friendly and made the experience even more enjoyable!

    Photobooth: Awesome! My favorite! Gotta love free pictures and props!

    Thanks for the nail filer and mints! Necessities in life! :)

    Great job setting this event up! Well worth the drive!

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    Ausgezeichnet! Fantastisch!

    Plattduetsche 's new beer garden is simply amazing and Yelptoberfest was equally fantastic!

    I'll start with the physical location. The new beer garden's central building is a place not to miss on an nice day or night. The place is HUGE and well thought out. On a warm day, the wall of garage doors open up onto the garden creating an outdoor feeling inside and make the transition in and out seamless. Luckily, Yelptoberfest was met with a perfect fall night that didn't need a jacket until the very end. On a colder night, they would just close some or all of the garage doors to creat an inviting indoor space.

    You can't talk about a beer garden or Octoberfest without talking about the beer. The bar had at least 6 sets of taps, each with 6 or 8 German beers. I tried the house beer, the Kolsch, and was not disappointed! Someone else I was with had plainer tastes and the bartender suggest another beer that equally pleased my friend. Another of my friends was hesitant about the German beers and the welcomnig staff quickly pulled a bottle of Bud out of the cooler for him.

    So I'm now standing in an awesome new building enjoying a fantastic German beer with some friends and the night gets even better. The food starts coming... and it doesn't stop until the end of the event... not for a minute! And even better, the food is excellent! There were potato pancakes that were crisp and tasty. They passed bratwurst and bacon sliders in pretzel buns that were excellent. They walked around with Bavarian pretzels and a smoked salami that wrre both great. I'm probably forgetting other things that were passed around, but don't forget the German beer thwy were serving.

    As if that wasn't enough, there was a buffet in the upstairs of this magnificent new chalet. Schnitzel fromba chaffing dish, yeah, nice try. But it was great! No cheap chicken breast here. The schnitzel was a veal cutlet excellently breaded and even from the buffet was crisp and moist and just what a schnitzel should be. Then youbhad your choice of three mushroom sauces to put on it. I was boring and had the weiner schnitzel sauce - explained to me as a demiglace mushroom sauce. The other two seemed to range from a little cream added to a heavy mushroon cream sauce. They both looked good and in hindsight I should have tried at least one if them. With the schnitzel were the traditional accompaniments of spetzel, whuch I did not have, and red cabbage, which I did have and was very good.

    The next buffet table was a wurst bar (NOT worst!) with six differnet kinds of Geman sausages.  Of course I had to try all of them and they were all excellent.

    Before I end my dissertation of this fine night I have to thank Jando for setting up such a great event. I also want to thank Plattduetsche and their General Manager that was there greeting people and making sure everything was as perfect as could be. But most of all, hats off to the staff at Plattduetsche Everyone that i encountered there gave the impression that they are part of the party, not working there. Everyone from Plattduetsche went out of their way to be friendly and attentive.

    I have to say I will definately be visiting this beer garden again. And hopefully soon!

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    I speak for us all when I say:

    GodDAMN there was a lot of food.

    And unlimited beer on tap.

    And the venue was HUGE.

    And we got +2's.

    Everything was big about this one! Is this how they do in Germany?

    I almost didn't attend on account of this event being in Long Island, but reliable Cindy the Civic bore a carful of nerds (unintentionally, all Stuy alums) into the slightly depressing neighborhood of Franklin Square. But from the moment we stepped toward the door (not even inside!), we were rushed by smiling servers bearing plates of potato pancakes, fried mac n cheese bites, sausage/bacon pretzel sandwiches, landjaeger sausage, and Bavarian pretzels. Oh my god.

    I pulled a Marcus C and saw some Yelpers I recognized, but simultaneously I saw the buffet area and involuntarily gravitated toward that instead. Sorry! Even more familiar German goodies piled in hotel pans greeted us there: [x]wursts, red cabbage, sauerkraut, spaetzle, weinerschnitzel... Everyone must have gotten a full meal, and then some. Lines were short, and everyone was jolly, which is sometimes the opposite of what it's like to be on line for food at a Yelp event (cough Manhattan cough).

    The evening was a little chilly to be in the beer garden outside. Plattduetsche (why did they spell their name that way? So search engines can differentiate between Plattduetsche and Plattdeutsche?) is actually a very cool venue, a mix of traditional and modern architecture, open and expansive, obviously made for huge events. You could probably fit almost 1000 people on the premises, but it handled our smaller crowd of Yelpers nicely too.

    Apparently the bartenders were not expecting a storm of Asian female Yelpers all requesting "the lightest" beer they had (the Krombacher Pilsner and then the Weizen, both of which were okay).

    Thanks to Jando S who's getting sick of my praise, Nelson W who neglected to charge his DSLR battery, Matt L who doesn't need anyone to bring him food anymore, and Kyle W the unpaid slave labor for making this a way better Wednesday night than any of us would have had otherwise!

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    Yelptoberfest at the Plattduetsche is wunderbar! (marvelous!)

    Let's start with the location, a brand spankin' new beer hall! Beautiful both inside and out. This place was truly amazing. Complete with two large bars with plenty of bartenders (read that as no lines, no waiting for beer), a stage in back for the oompah bands to perform, plenty of seating both inside and out.

    I loved seeing the picnic tables that were imported from the 2007 Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. It was also amazing to see the tables they created from the abandoned bowling lanes they discovered while building the new beer hall. Kudos the Matt the General Manager of the Plattduetsche Park for sharing a lot of the interesting details about the construction. The engineer side of me loves a good construction story!

    I've been a regular at the Plattduetsche for many years; it's always been a part of growing up for me. I had my first official legal beer in the old beer garden. So for me seeing the new building was a rebirth of something I really loved. It's so nice to see the attention to detail that went into every facet of the new building.

    Beyond the décor, the food and drink were equally impressive. Free flowing taps all night made for a memorable Yelp event. The friendly bartenders were always standing by with a pitcher or cup of my favorite libations. With eight, yes eight, beers on tap to choose from selection became a little tricky. I loved the Spaten Oktobfest, definitely one of my favorites!

    Let's talk food. The staff were relentless (in a very good way) to ensure each and every one of us were well fed. The appetizers were free flowing by the friendly wait staff that seemed to be there for me every time I turned around. Let's talk about some favorites from the night. Mac-n-Cheese Bites with a BBQ dipping sauce, can you say yum! Followed closely by Pretzel Sliders, little pretzel buns topped with sausage, Swiss cheese, and bacon, absolutely loved them! The potato pancake appetizers were served appropriately with a side of apple sauce and tasted delicious. And for those who dared, there was a dried sausage which was the German rendition of beef jerky, tasty.

    After all those appetizers it was time to venture upstairs where the "Wurst Bar" and "Wienerschnitzel Bar" awaited us. The Wurst Bar had 5 different types of wurst, beef, pork, veal, and even a hot dog. The station also had a side of German potato salad and sauerkraut. I tried tham all and was not disappointed! I may have even gone back for seconds but I won't admit that (whoops). The Wienerschnitzel Bar had fresh veal cutlets and a choice of three different toppings, including one that a creation of the chef at the Plattduetsche. They were delicious. This station also had a side of red cabbage and spaetzel.

    After we had a chance to grab a bite to eat and have a few drinks we ventured down the SweetBooths photo booth. What a great idea! We had a blast. Thank you SweetBooths for making this night soooo memorable!

    A huge Danke to Jando and the Queens Yelp Team for pulling together and amazing night. You guys rock!!!  Between the people, the food, the drink, the music, you guys hit this one out of the park.

    And so ends another perfect Yelp Elite event.

    Thumbs up for Jando, and thumbs up for Matt and all the crew at Plattduetsche.


  • 5.0 star rating

    Wow, this was my first Long Island event and it was EPIC. I was able to bring +2, so they could also enjoy this spectacular shindig!

    The food just kept coming and I had plenty of non-meat options to try! There was the mac and cheese bites, pretzels and potato pancakes that just KEPT COMING THE WHOLE NIGHT. I had to turn down food halfway through the event because there was just so much food. Not that I am complaining. Wow, they were so so generous!

    All the beers on tap were offered and also red/white wine. They just kept POURING the drinks. Wow, it just KEPT COMING THE WHOLE NIGHT.

    A great huge space that would be excellent for LARGE parties, gatherings, conferences, meetings, etc.

    Thanks SWEET BOOTHS for the fun photos!

    And thanks to JANDO, MATT and NELSON for representing! Wonderful job guys and had a great time!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Yelp just went big. Big was the venue, the portions, the variety, the smiles, and ultimately my poor belly afterwards.

    The venue. Holy shit this place was so big, it could host a Kim Kardashian wedding. Coming in, we were first welcomed by the parking lot staff waving his air traffic lightsabers (w/e you call them), helping us dock our ship of awesome into the port of beer and sausages. We stepped out and was directed to walk through a small shack of countless-past-murders and suddenly we saw a huge building... no, space station full of Yelpers already engulfed in consumption. I half assedly greeted people I knew and signed my name tag faster than Obama did the debt bill this morning, then ran straight to the people holding trays of food.

    I obviously did not need to. There were so, so, much food going around. I hate Jando for saying there were going to be "bites" at the event. I actually had a mid afternoon snack like a responsible pre-event Yelp Elite so I was not prepared to get calorically demolished. At some point I just could not eat anymore and had to say no to the free food presented to my face. Yeah it actually got there.

    The one goal Plattduetsche had was obviously to have you try as many types of German food as possible. There were at least four kinds of sausages (that currywurst!) and numerous other entrees. They didn't cop out with traditional hors d'oeuvre (yeah I had to google that sp). Every dish fit into the theme.

    The people. The cosplay! I felt pampered by the armies of smiling faces carrying trays of deliciousness and covering every inch of the space station at every second. I actually had to dodge food to make my way anywhere. Shit. Let me shimmy my way back to the cosplay. mmmmmm. Okay, lets go back to the review.

    Lastly, shoutouts to Sweetbooths for the good times! For the other Yelpers out there, the photos can eventually be found at:

    I am usually 'meh' (Ju L style) about going out on a Wed. But this event made everything worth it. I went to sleep burping and dreaming sausages that evening. Thats what any man can ask for nowadays, right? Right?

  • 5.0 star rating
    Listed in yelp EVENTS

    Huge Beer Garden! Nice big bar, bunch of German beers on tap, and excellent service! The food kept coming, there was no shortage of food at this event.

    Beers - I tried 3 beers, some type of lager, a dark one, and some Oktoberfest beer. All three were alright.

    Food - Veal cutlets with 3 different types of sauce. Pretty bangin. I should of gotten more of those... The Hors d'oeuvres were pretty good. The servers kept comin and comin. The mac n cheese bites were nice and hot, a little salty but still good. I don't know the names of the rest but I had no complaints. Everything paired really well with the beers they had on tap.

    Service - ERIC! I still remember this guy's name. dude kept comin to us with trays of food. Nice kid, helluva server!

    Verdict - I really enjoyed my evening here with my wife and friend, this event was a plus 2 which was great. There was still plenty of space left in this joint. Sweet Booths was there, had a good time taking some pictures with their props. The only downside to the night, the cops and security towards the end of event, they were the party poopers. I started noticing people heading for the exits, especially those who drove. On our way home, we saw several cop cars camping out near the event. It felt like a trap.... Other than that, we definitely enjoyed our time at the event. The bartenders, servers and of course the entire yelp staff were great.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Nestled away in Elmont is a beer garden that goes unnoticed by hundreds every day. YelptoberFest was the day of reckoning for Plattduetsche's newly renovated and grand opening of their beer garden. From a tiny barn house only opened in the summer time, it has grown into a huge two-story complex that would easily fit 4-5 times the crowds than it's former size. And it's going to be open year round!! Thanks Jando for putting Plattduetsche on the map!!!

    The beer garden had plenty of space for Yelpers to roam around. Seating was abundant all over: at the large oval bar, the upper level overlooking the bar below, outside among the many picnic tables, a standing area with barrels set up as tables. Drinks and food were aplenty!! All you can drink German beer and wine; a handful of highly attentive staff walking around constantly offering hor d'oeuvres ranging from potato pancakes, fried brie, speck ham on pumpernickel, lanjaeger (German salami), smoked gouda Macaroni & Cheese bites, Little Bavarians, and imported pretzels from Munich Germany; two stations of food offering 3 types of schnitzel (Jaeger Schnitzel, Champignon Rahmschnitzel, and Ziguener Schnitzel), Spaetzle, red cabbage, bratwurst, curry wurst, knackwurst, bockwurst, frankfurter, sauerkraut, and German potato salad. So much food and beer was up for the offering, my stomach was full and content. Crowds and lines were almost non-existent.

    So thanks go to Jando and the Yelp staff for another successful Yelp night. It was refreshing to enjoy all that space and not be cramped together with hundreds of Yelpers hoarding for food samples. Things were actually very relaxed and civilized. It was good to also see many familiar Yelp Elite faces. Good food and good eats (I love German food!!!), it doesn't get better than that. This truly felt like a Yelp Elite event.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Plattduetsche is HUGE.....

    Seriously, when you see it from outside, it is extremely deceptive, and that is pretty awesome!  

    There is a huge beer garden and event space in the back.  Huge as in, campus huge!

    The POTATO PANCAKES were pretty awesome.  The veal was also pretty tasty with the mushroom sauce(s).

    The pretzels are also pretty good.  The servers were great and they even had macaroni and cheese nuggets!  

    The GM of the space came to our table, introduced himself, and discussed with us the history of the space, how hurricane sandy slowed down the construction of the beer garden, and told us that the tables were actually made of wood that was found under the garden building when they were constructing the space.  It turns out, there were bowling alleys under the space and they used to wood from the floors for the tables upstairs!  They also have authentic tables downstairs from the Octoberfest in Germany!

    This is a great space, and I look forward to returning!

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in
    Listed in Fab Fives, Elite Status

    After what was a hop, skip, and a seemingly interminable crawl on the highway... me and my + 2 arrived at another expertly crafted Yelp event presented by Jando and the Queens team. A tip of the hat to you fine people!

    Plattdeutsch Park Restaurant and Beer Garden was a revelation, and with the amount of room at its disposal, as well as the delicious beers and foods available, the venue should (without a shadow of a doubt) become a mainstay for those who reside in the in-between of the Jamaica, Hempstead, & LI area.

    It was an unparalleled delight to run into friends of Yelp events past, as well as meet those who may (or may not) have been drinking at the same level as yours truly.

    The sausage sampler buffet was bangin' (5-6 sausages and 'kraut!),  bartenders had booze flowing, and the floor service did a superb job of making their rounds with the hors d'oeurves (you would not have seen me without some kind of food in my hand, whether it be a pretzel, sandwich, potato pancake, etc... which were all quite tasty btw).

    Once again, another example of why it's good to be elite.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Platteduetsche, you are beautiful inside and out even if you are HUGE ;)

    The staff was absolutely wonderful from the GM Matt explaining the place to us, to the bartenders pouring my wheat beers and even waitstaff serving out the German noshs. Everyone sported a genuine smile on their faces.

    Ohhhhhhhh..... Can I tell you that I ate my weight in carbs last night? Pretzels, Beer, Pancakes, Mac and cheese bites..Sitting down at the awesome Oktoberfest tables I felt like It was a blitzkrieg of food coming my way! Everything was pretty good, especially the potato pancakes with apple sauce. They're very similar to what my Mom would make... but better. (Sorry, Mom!). I even tried a little bit of kraut, too. This was one of the few queens (located in LI, really) events that had a serious amount of food for everyone. I did not go home hungry, that's for sure.

    The photo booth by Sweetbooths also tons of fun. Move fast and make that funny face! I'm looking forward to posting the photos of  me and some yelp troublemakers :)

    Big Danke to Jando, Matt and the Platteduetsche staff. You guys rock! When are we going back?

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    There are many things I cannot pronounce/recall: the name of this restaurant, the many beers on tap, and sausages.

    And then there are the things that make a Yelp event great: POTATO PANCAKES and a photobooth.

    What a huge place for people like me who take up a lot of space and like to wander around!

  • 5.0 star rating

    You see Jando, this is why I strived so hard to be Elite!! This event was awesome!! I can't remember when I've told a few waiters more than once- no thanks, I'm good!! From the passed apps, to the bottomless wine, to the photo booth I attempted after my bottomless wine cup......this was insane!!
    Mac & cheese awesome that I felt the waitress came to me 10 times on purpose. The Bavarian pretzel slider-fabulous! The potato pancake- pretty cool. The food upstairs- veal cutlet, pasta w 3 diff sauce choices & words!! Everything was amazing! I told Matt, the GM, that I learned a lot abt German eats tonite, and I still can't get over the copper bar.  The Wurst station- I had 3 out of 5, simply because I don't do spicy. I was pleased w everything I ate. Awesome Elite Event! Nice to see Long Island represent.  I'll definitely be back w my peeps one day soon!! Jando, Yelp team, good looking out! It was a great time!

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    No words can adequately convey the joy of last night.  Best. Beer Garden. Ever.

    Matt, the lovely and charming General Manager, came over to speak with us three times.  He was such a joy to talk with and had so much love for the place and the authenticity of the garden.  And, by the end of the night we were as effusive about the place as he was.  But, seriously, what's not to love?  This place was perfect.

    The pretzels, straight from Munich yo!, were delish!  There was a mad variety of beers to choose from (I opted for the hefeweizen each time) and a seemingly endless supply.  The food, beyond the pretzels, was equally as plentiful and delicious.  There were no pleas for good behavior by Jando, so I came with an empty belly and I still wasn't able to sample everything available before I was satiated.  

    Beyond the food and beverages, the building is gorgeous!  There was TONS of space, upstairs and downstairs, inside and out.  There was a huge bar in the round, allowing for multiple access points, a stage for performances, and an outdoor, upstairs balcony (or upstairs, outdoor balcony) for even more variety of space.  The vaulted ceilings and dining tables made from the salvaged wood of the previously resident bowling alley, added lots of charm too.

    The staff deserve much praise for their impeccable service.  They were very attentive and knowledgeable and enjoyable company whenever they stopped by.  We loved chatting with each of them, including the lovely buffet servers.  Excellent job team!

    The night was made even more special by both Sweet Booths as well as the musical entertainment.  Everything was just awesome!  I felt like a German king last night.  Thank you to everyone who made that possible.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    By far my most favorite yelp event ever!

    Right off the bat...I have to start with Jando!  It was awesome to come to an event and be welcomed and not feel like I'm in the shadows like previous LI events!  Felt completely at home and relaxed...which made for an awesome night.

    On to Plattduetsche...this has been my millionth time here.  And it gets better each and every time.  Matt and Debbie you guys are awesome everytime.  To have a GM remember you from a company holiday party you through 2 years prior just felt so good!

    The revamped beer garden is GORGEOUS!!  Its massive, so much room and just plain beautiful.  My bathroom critique LOVE that there are no mirrors!!!  Because that means no bathroom lines =)

    Food and beer....for one the servers were on point!!  Every where I turned there was a new server with something else to try and ready to just take care of your needs.  The bartenders were great!  Great service and equally awesome personalities and knowledge of beer.  How could I forget the Kolsch!  Plattduetsche teamed up with my favorite breweries Long Ireland to make this is not one to miss!

    AND!!  the +2s allowed me to introduce one of my best friends to the yelp scene.  And now she is yelping away!!

    Danke!!  What a great night!

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in
    Listed in Elite Events

    "Essen und trinken und fröhlich sein" aka Eat, Drink and Be Merry!
    This pretty much sums up the entire wonderful night that was YelptoberFest.

    As I discussed with many other Yelpers last night, when looking at the front of the Platteduetsche, you would have NO IDEA that all this beautiful space resides behind. The wooden infrastructure and high ceilings provide a spacious venue for us German-eers (yes, I just made that up) and others alike. We had more than enough seating both outside as well as inside. I scouted for my +2's and we headed right to the bar. With a multitude of beers to choose from, I of course had to choose the Oktoberfest for my first selection. The bartenders were super helpful and accommodating to our thirsty selves. I saw many familiar faces as well as new ones which is always wonderful.

    After some chatting and catching up, the food started pouring in. There were pretzels, a German take on "beef jerky" and my favorites of the night -- the potato pancakes and the MAC AND CHEESE BITES. Those were deadly to say the least. Those girls and boys were so sweet and I probably turned them down a million times after a few bites. I don't think my stomach could take any more food! One boy handing out pretzels kept saying, "Come on you know you want to try them! They're brought over right from Munich." Made me laugh every time.

    THEN of course the buffet. The sausages, potato salad, cabbage, kraut', noodles... (I could go on and on) were all stellar. Time certainly flew by at this event. I had to make sure to get my photo on at that awesome photobooth by Sweetbooths. Those props were more than adorable and the pressure was ON to get those 4 photos all in that tiny box! I wish that we could each get a copy but I totally understand. What a fantastic idea and that way you can bring a moment-o home with you. And props to that soloist playing the entire night. You were such a champ and had a great voice!

    Thank you, thank you and thank you again Jando and all the staff of the Platteduetsche Park Restaurant for yet another awesome Yelp event. The never-ending noshing and beers flowing provided full stomachs for many hungry people.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Another awesome get together for all.

    The beer garden laid down a perfect setting for the night. Filled with meats, pasta, beer, stuff I cant name, live music, a photo booth, beer, and more beer.

    Oh! And potato pancakes. What a win.

    We sampled everything, our favorite being the pretzel burger, all while acoustic versions of songs we loved played live in the back ground.

    Thanks again Jando!

  • 3.0 star rating

    This spot it pretty big!

    The amount of pretzels I consumed was unnatural. Combined with the potato pancakes and the cheese nuggets I was living in a dream world. I'm vegetarian so these were just about the only things I could eat. My BF on the other hand had a feast with all the different sausages and the baby sliders pretzel bun things. Don't remember the names of them.

    The employees were super nice and I was actually able to get a pic in the Photo Booth! That NEVER happens.

    The bar area is huge and the bar tenders are attentive and knowledgeable. I asked for suggestions and they were able to find a perfect beer for me. They also had some wine I didn't get a chance to taste.

    Not sure if I would return but it was awesome enough for a yelp event.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Sausage , pretzels and beer oh my!  That's what Yelptoberfest was all about.

    Matt from Plattduetsche Park worked the crowd and from the looks of it he spoke to every Yelper there.  The new Biergarten restaurant is a lovely space, all new and shiny, not to mention pretty huge.  The staff was great especially the guys and girls walking around the passed hors d'oeuvres; they were so friendly and enthusiastic.  Speaking of the passed food, there was hot soft pretzels, sliders with sausage & bacon served on a pretzel roll, potato pancakes, speck on pumpernickel, mac & cheese bites and dried sausage pieces.  The dishes kept on coming and never seemed to stop during the duration of the event..  My favorite was the sliders, they were delish, but my least favorite was the mac & cheese bites which seemed a bit artificial tasting.

    The large bar hosted at least 8 German beers on tap that were poured icy cold. It was great to try them, the Spaten Octoberfest was smooth and elegant.

    We then moved on upstairs for a buffet.  There was the Wurst station which had 5 kinds of wurst and some saurkraut. There was also the Wienerschnitzel with choice of 3 sauces, red cabbage and spaetzle.  It was quite a feast!  The food was all pretty good.  The wienerschnitzel was crispy and juicy.

    Shout out to Jando for pulling together another great event.  Also to Sweet Booths for some photo booth fun and to the singer on the guitar providing the music for the evening, which was fantastic.

    A fantastisch Yelpoctoberfest!

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Great atmosphere. A step above the beer gardens in Queens. It's a very home styled and comfortable venue.

    The food tastes very authentic and if this is a preview of what they will be like after a full opening I will definitely make my way back to this place.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in


    So this was the first time I've ever seen a +2, but the venue was so huge it could easily accommodate a ton more people.  We went to their newly built Beirgarten in the back of what seems to be another restaurant.  The building is gorgeous and huge and nice looking bar in the middle of it all hosting a ton of different beers and wines.

    The brats, the schnitzle and all the walking food was awesome!!  (Walking food = food walked over to you by waiters) - damn those pretzels were more than awesome - and that pretzel bun slider was amazing!

    The photo booth was awesome!  (My dad really enjoyed it and it was fun!)

    Thanks again!

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Plattduetsche Park is in Long Island, yes it's far but Jando and the Queens community crew has outdone themselves again.  I especially enjoyed the spaciousness of the beer garden layout and efficient service at the bar.  It's great not having to wait in a line 5-people deep for a beverage.

    Be careful if you try to park on the street, there is no parking from noon to midnight (read the signs).  Fear not, Plattduetsche Park had event parking space next to the soccer field and a direct entrance from the parking lot to the beer garden.

    It's Yelptoberfest, there were plenty of beer options on tap at the bar.  If you're not a beer drinker, they made accommodations and also served wines.  Passed hors d'oeuvres were plentiful and they continued all night long, from potato pancakes, speck ham on pumpernickel, landjaeger, pretzels, and mac and cheese bites to mad bavarian - I would've been happy with just these appetizers.  But there's more food served upstairs, there were five different types of wursts - bratwurst, curry wurst, knackwurst, Krainerwrust, and frankfurters, schnitzel (champignon rahmschnitzel and ziguener schnitzel), spaetzle, red cabbage, potato salad and sauerkraut.  The staff was friendly and knowledgeable about the food.  The selection was definitely on point and satisfied my German food cravings.  

    We loved the photo booth by Sweetbooths - they had lots of props and the prints came out clear and crisp.  The live music tied everything together; the guitarist had a great voice and performed his own renditions of choice songs.  Several times during the evening we took a pause from our conversations just to listen to his performance.  We think he should go on The Voice and share his talents with America :)

    The GM Matt went around saying hello to everyone which was a nice touch.  I won't hesitate to come back to Plattduetsche Park again in the future for the cold beer and German food.  

    Good job everyone for pulling off another amazing elite event; this was one for the books.  Thanks!

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    UM, this was my first Elite event, and well... it was AMAZING.

    Seriously, unlimited German beer on tap and tons of yummy German delicacies... all for FREE? You can always count me in.

    I was very impressed with the venue and everything it had to offer. The space was huge, great decor and ambiance... my boyfriend even gave it the good ol' "two thumbs up" for authenticity since he has been fortunate enough to have experienced the real Oktoberfest in Deutschland.

    The food was great! I really enjoyed the little pretzel sandwiches with the bacon, but the BEST thing I tasted all night? THE MAC & CHEESE BITES. OMG. TO. DIE. FOR. Well-worth the obscene amount of calories it probably added onto my day's intake. The beer was as expected - authentic German beer - and they had a great selection! I'm a little sad I didn't remember the names of the beer I drank, but there's always next time!

    Also, kudos on whoever thought to have a photo booth! I freaking love photo booths and this one was fantastic! Awesome props and somehow the camera made everyone look flawless :D

    The venue, food, beer, service, freebies (loveeeee all my new Yelp swag!) - it was all just BEYOND. Thank you to Plattduetsche, Sweetbooths, Jando & Yelp for this incredible event!! Prost!

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    This was my first Queens Yelp Elite event and it was one of the best events I've ever been to! The newly built event hall (which hosted the Yelp event), in the back of the main restaurant could have held nearly twice as many people that attended and that's not taking into account the massive amount of well lit grounds and picnic tables that weren't utilized.

    I loved the pretzel, the Mac n cheese bites, and the intensely flavored cabbage. My friend and I also enjoyed a nice variety of German beers poured by a most kind tender. Since my friend and I are such legitimate foodies, we already read reviews of the place prior to going and read good things about the apple strudel. Therefore we went to the regular bar in the original restaurant building after the Yelp event,and shared a delicious apple strudel!

  • 5.0 star rating
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    I was so surprised by this venue, its really big and beautiful. Loved the high ceilings and all of the wood furniture. It was really nice to meet the manager who explain how the wood on the tables on the second floor were from old wood that was found under the original building. Also, how the picnic tables on the first floor were imported from Germany.
    I loved all of the food, the veal with the mushroom and peppers sauce, the mini pretzel sandwiches, the potato pancakes, the mac & cheese bites, sausages and other items I cant remember the name to were delicious.
    It was really nice that they had a huge parking lot in the back of the building.
    Now as far as the drinks I enjoyed the great beer and wine that they had. I wish I could have drank more but since I drove I couldn't :(
    The photo booth was awesome. They had great props to pick from and the lady at the photo booth was very sweet.
    Now apart from the delicious food and beautiful location service is very important to me and this place did not disappoint. All of the servers were attentive, nice and had a smile on their face.
    I really enjoyed myself and so did my two guest. Jando has done it again, what a great Elite event.

  • 5.0 star rating
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    "Before the story begins, is it such a sin, for me to take what's mine?" - Avenged Sevenfold

    Yeah, I know it's a little weird but that's the line that came to mind when I dabbled with those oh so tasty sausage samples! After taking a bite, I turned away and had an evil undercover menacing grin (eyebrows tucked in and huge smile popping out my dimples). Turning back and looking normal and sane, I attempted to have my taste buds memorize each flavor.

    Jando "Neruda" S. was nowhere near the food, I saw an opening. Making sure to quickly glance around for Nelson "Shutterbug" W. or anyone else who can take a picture incriminating my double dip, I swayed to the sausage table once again. The server was smiling and said "So, you loved that huh? Well enjoy this!". She stocked my plate up with a super serving. No no no, looking both ways I hope no one saw the treasure chest of sausage on my plate, but yes yes yes, I want it all, gimmie gimmie gimmie more. No, I don't have an addiction but yes I can't say no to an offering. I saw the light, the German beer gods had smile-th upon me that night.

    On my merry way to the gracious beer taps, I saw the merry servers balancing trays of meatiness (wow, that's a real word? meh spellcheck said it was okay). I'm more than sure I'm not the only one feeling this way, but it felt as if they were all coming at me! Don't get me wrong, I loved it, keep on coming. So many servers that I think my servers needed servers.

    My two favorite pieces that the servers were passing around were the mac & cheese bites and the mini burgers. I can't tell which of the two I like better, I'm sure to stop by some random day for trays of both. If you are with me that day, I am not sharing so you better order your own and watch them carefully because I will be on the hunt to eat yours, too! The creamy smoked Gouda macaroni & cheese bites just melt in your mouth, they were served with BBQ & churrasco dipping sauces. These things were so good, you didn't even need the sauce, they could solo the mission to your mouth. Now if only I had tasted it before that server disappeared, I would have 'Bonnie & Clyde'-ed his tray. Those weren't the only ones I thought that way about, the mini burgers which are called Little Bavarians were just genius. Why have I never thought of putting some meat between two soft pretzels? Well, now it's going to be in my thoughts for the rest of my life. These mini pretzel slider rolls are filled with sliced brats, Swiss cheese & bacon. They are so delicious I had to snap a picture of the one I was eating in mid-bite, that bite was already in my tummy by the time I snapped that picture. Don't worry I posted it up so you can so how much of a "tiny" bite I took.

    I got to meet my Yelp buddy, Tina "The Cynical Critic" C., at this event. She told me she missed the tray for the Little Bavarians, so I felt really bad for her. Then, she told me that it was supposed to be her 5th one, then I felt really jealous of her. *Note to self: Discuss with 'Codenamed: Foodie Thief aka Tina aka The Cynical Critic aka The Burger Monster' about 'Mission: Mini Pretzel Burger Munching' on using our ninja skills to get more Little Bavarians. (You have been warned, watch out for the next Elite event, more adventures to come.)

    All this awesomeness is like "A Little Piece of Heaven" (yeah, A7X reference again, same song) in my mouth, without the emo-ness of the song. It made me feel like that song was being sung to me by people who were happier and when they ripped out that heart, they just put a Little Bavarian in it's place to make it skip happily ever after.

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