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  • 5.0 star rating

    I'm a huge fan of YELP! I feel it really boosts businesses - big and small. And, while there may be negative reviews, along with positive, I trust the system to highlight recommended reviewers.  

    I consult Yelp in all my searches for restaurants and services while traveling, as well as within my community, and enjoy sharing my thoughts with those who consult Yelp for the same purposes.

    Here's to those who make the system work and here's to YELP for creating it!

  • 1.0 star rating

    I believe that I'm a fair and honest reviewer. I have written reviews on thousands of businesses without this site. But I think that the filtering of Yelps reviews leave little to be desired.
    I had serious issues that went beyond simple criticism with a local company. After reviewing them, the owners tried to destroy my credibility with slanderous allegations.
    They had never received any reviews before, positive or negative.
    For some reason Yelp keeps on removing my review because it says that it doesn't relate to first hand knowledge when I was a customer of theirs for over two years. But there is a review that is allowed to stay up, and the reviewer isn't even a customer, he is a friend who lives in another state. I flagged his review for that reason, but Yelp said that they are keeping his up.
    I also know that this business offers incentives for people to write positive reviews about them, and I think that is a violation of the guidelines of Yelp.
    So, why is my review filtered, but others that break the rules allowed to stay up?

  • 1.0 star rating

    Yelp.  It looks like my small business has failed because of you.  

    Thank you MF's.

    I am one of the highest rated in my category for my business, but my listing is hidden on the 4th page (yes I owe you money, think I'm going to pay?).  I live in a metropolis city with hundreds of competitors.  I have 10 times more reviews than my competitors, and all without a single complaint.  I still have nothing but 5 stars, and one fake review has killed my business.

    I have over 200+ 5 stars reviews, with nothing less than 5 stars. My competitors have around 30-50 reviews.  I get this this BITCH ELITE MEMBER w/800+ reviews who thinks she can extort me with threats of a fake review in attempts to get something for free out of me.  I brushed her off and she wrote her review.

    Where I got 40+ customers per day. I now only get 1 or 2 per week.

    Her review is several months old and stays flying high on my page and I am heavily avoided like a leper.

    If you filter by date, this bitch ends up under several pages of 5 star reviews.  But yet she still flys high on my front page with her fake review.

    I am now going to be closing my business because I can't survive on $20 a week.  It has been 4 months like this.  Ever since that review went up, all my business has ceased.  (I've been living in my office for 4 months, sold all my possessions, and one vehicle; my remaining vehicle looks to be where I am going to be living).

    Thank you very much bastards.




    [Ironic to see Yelp has more 1 star reviews than any other business on this planet]

  • 5.0 star rating


    Maury, I am out of control.

    When I first started using Yelp, all I did was look up business addresses and upload the occasional photo. Now, my brain thinks in Yelp terminology. Did you check in? When's the next UYE? Will you FUC me? ..Also, can I rate my friends too? ;)

    I've heard people say that Yelp isn't reliable or had lead them the wrong way. Honestly your experience is based on your research skills and what you make of it. I personally don't write reviews when I feel like I didn't get a holistic experience, whether it's due to a time crunched visit or external variables not related to the business may have affected my perception. When looking up places I only take into consideration reviews of people/friends that I can tell have similar tastes to me.
    Hasn't failed me yet!

    Attending Elite events was the game changer. WOW. Whether it's a lavish party or an intimate get-together I always have a good time. And there are actually people out there that won't mock me for taking pictures of food! Or when I'm interested in talking to business owners to find out more about their place. You know what I mean... Yelp contributors get teased sometimes. No shame, they hate us 'cause they ANUS!

    In all seriousness, I've discovered so many amazing places and met awesome people because of Yelp. Thank you for giving me the information + power to go off the well-traveled route during my long road trips and directing me to a local gem instead of letting me eat at BK. Thank you for hiring wonderful, witty, and worldly CM's to bring our community together. Thank you for being the ONE useful social media site, where all friends are Useful, Funny, & Cool!

    Now, to get crackin' on the 77 review drafts chilling on my home page D:

  • 5.0 star rating

    Yelp Phenomenon
    Hello, my name is Tina C. and I am a Yelper
    Yes, it has become my addiction
    Surely, if it's not found in Yelp I will add it
    Take it, an indication that you'll follow me, I presume
    Make it, you want to be a part of my life, I assume
    Rate it, my life has not been exactly five stars, I resume
    Or fake it, an excuse to read where I've been, I fume
    Has my journey of life been exactly five stars?  No.
    With over 3,200 reviews and still growing
    I am totally addicted!!
    I need Yelp AA and rehab
    Fifteen badges, over 200 tips, five ROTD all in a span of seven years

    Yelp Phenomenon
    Check-in time!
    Funny. Useful. Cool.  Compliment: a good writer
    Listed In: "You'll Find Me Here"
    Know the TOS:  never disclose one's surname, profile photo must have your face and keep your reviews real
    Yelp Elite events are five stars and best of all- free!
    It will make a business or break a business
    Get with the times of social media
    It's more than an addiction

    Do you Yelp?
    It's a phenomenon!

    Eight loyal years of Yelp with over 3,000+ reviews (and still writing).  Yelp 2014 has indeed been a good year.  There has been improvements from Yelp HQ for prompt responses with regards to flagging issues, threatening messages, the ability to block someone, resolution to duplicate business listings, wrong addresses, inappropriate photos, correction to business hours, and reporting closed businesses.  I love the Elite calendar of events and event paperless check-in.  The Yelp mobile application's photo feature does not work, but the check-in, ability to write reviews and tip are my primary resources.  As a writer I always love writing and to write my comments to be voiced appropriately and publicly for a resolution.  I am happy and honored to continue my Elite status for the eighth consecutive year.

    Do you Yelp?
    It's a phenomenon!

  • 5.0 star rating


    And for my 500th review, I would like to take a moment and review Yelp.  It was in 2012 that my Yelping cherry was popped.  I was at work talking with a co-worker about a business we both agreed was a total fail, as far as food goes.  He  was like "google them and let's check out the beer list".  I was like "yeah, I hear they got lots of taps".  So google them I did.  I noticed this weird little red flower with the word "Yelp".  I was like, "what the fuck is Yelp?".  My co-worker was like "click it stupid and see".

    He and I were immediately taken by the search engine and the fact that you could sign up and post reviews.  I immediately signed up because I had a lot of downloading to do.  I wanted to get my voice out there.  To be heard. To make a difference.  By the end of that day I had posted my first two reviews, and, couldn't wait to post more.  Then I found this thing called the "Yelp App".  JFC that was a dangerous find for me.  I mean "I can check in and people will know?".  Even people in a different country if they're on my friends list?!  Cool!!  I was officially on a Yelping journey.

    As I ventured deeper and deeper into my Yelping journey I soon discovered that you can FUC other reviewers and they can FUC you back!  Well FUC me!!!  Next I discovered the Elite badge.  Wasn't sure what it was at first, but, I knew immediately I wanted one.  Someone voted me Elite in my first year and I will be forever thankful for that vote.  I like my shiny badge and all the perks that go with it.  I hope I get to stay Elite forever.  But, be warned, it is not an easy job.

    To all you seasoned Yelpers, keep on Yelping on.  As for you newbies, welcome aboard.  I hope you love Yelp as much as I do and that you use it to write lots of honest reviews, post pictures, check in, send compliments, play nice with your fellow Yelpers, FUC every review that you can (there is no limit on daily FUCing), and represent.  Be encouraging and respectful to the newbies, because we've all been one ourselves.  Peace out!  YELP RULZ!!

  • 4.0 star rating

    I don't know how I became elite, but first I would like to thank God for finding me Useful, Funny, and Cool...

    ...Kanye W: "Yo, Aline N, I'm really happy for you, I'ma let you finish, but _________ (fill in the blank of that fierce yelper that is a Beyonce C) had one of the best reviews of all time! One of the best reviews of all time!"

  • 1.0 star rating
    1/16/2015 Updated review

    - Gluttony Expedition -
    I start deleting trolls on my friend list because I used to accept all the friend requests - I didn't care about it. Now I start being picky about it and looking for "real" friendships. When I start investigating each Yelper's review history and the friend list before I delete them, I realize the fact:

    "Many people use Yelp to find places, but not many Yelpers who actually write reviews are real people"

    I give you the reasons why I do suspect it and I'm confident with my theory. Things in common on Yelpers who have little reviews with tons of friends (TROLLS):

    1) They write several reviews within a few days or the same day, do so only for 2 months and stop writing any. I write legit reviews all the time, and somebody who doesn't write reviews much in general suddenly write reviews for several spots like that - only for 2 month of duration??? It just sounds fishy. I see the pattern a lot on my suspected troll accounts. I deleted them all, which was easily hundreds of those. I used to have 3000+ friends and for 2 days only I knocked down 400+ trolls.

    2) Those trolls write the reviews on the same places with the same 5 stars!!! - What a coincidence that several people from everywhere in US write reviews on the same spots???? They have only 20 reviews or so in total and most businesses were the same businesses???? Now I could easily recognized the businesses that pay someone to write fake reviews for them. The businesses are in various industries. Small businesses to the big corporations. Maybe they throw the big corporations in between to make them look legit. I don't know. I wondered why people write reviews on big chains. It must be the disguise for fake reviews, I suspect. It's not worthy to do so since we all know what "McDonald's" or "Cheesecake factory" tastes like. I should have written down the business names for you. It's too funny to see that the same businesses get 5 stars in the same way by other trolls.

    3) Many places they reviewed were closed or moved - they must have reviewed on desperate/sinking (SAME) businesses.

    4) The biz pics they posted were very formal or too commercial - something normal Yelpers won't take. Who post their business address from google on YELP?? The companies who pay trolls to write "fake" reviews must have provided them. They are too unreal.

    5) Their profile picture is either very blurr or unrealistic - taking "selfie" isn't difficult.  Anyone can take decent pictures. They must have picked them from internet...

    6) They tend to have friends who have already tons of friends - marketing purpose? Attempt to make them look "real"? I'm picky about choosing friends now, but I don't pick friends based on the numbers of friends they have unless you needed "attentions" from someone or need networking for whatever the reasons....

    7) The name is either "nickname/ not real name" or normal one - it doesn't matter. They write fake reviews for the business - either good for the business or bad for their competitors. Some were very lengthy. But if you write reviews like that, why don't you keep writing on other businesses instead of stop yelping at all???

    8) Those reviews tend to be higher than 4 stars on all the reviews. If the reviews were all 4/5 stars or all 5 stars, something must be wrong. We don't live in such a perfect world. Can you find 5 star businesses in various industries within a few months? Unreal.

    - Conqueror's Deduction -
    Now I see the patterns of trolls.

    I really didn't care about it before, but it's just too unreal to see these same patterns on hundreds of inactive Yelpers. I don't have much time on my hand now, but you'll see how much trolls I can delete from my "friend" list. Remember, I started from 3000+ friends. I delete not only trolls but also someone who don't write reviews. My "friends" should be "real", fun and contribute to others by writing useful tips and reviews like me.

    Yelp is fun - I still like what I do despite of lots of disgusting stuffs on Yelp. But I didn't realize how many Yelpers and reviews are "fake". I don't think it's due to Yelp. But Yelp should work harder to eliminate the trolls. "Foursquare" seems more "real" than Yelp now.. It sucks that they won't let us write lengthy reviews like Yelp... ;(

    Now I do appreciate "real" yelpers like me, who actually write useful tips and reviews with good pictures, more if I found those.... I don't chit chat much on Yelp unless I really like the Yelpers. I don't have time to join the events because I work a lot. But I do feel that I contribute to Yelp a lot by reviews, tips, lists and pictures and connect with my Yelp buddies more "real" than others....

    I do hope yelp wouldn't affect honest businesses in bad manners. If you were a "real" Yelpers, write honest and fair reviews! Write the reasons why you felt about the business and items you tried specifically. Not that I trust your reviews, but your unfair reviews do affect on the business.

    1.0 star rating
    11/4/2014 Previous review
    I get hate mails sometimes - I'm not the only one who gets those - because some people have a low… Read more
    3.0 star rating
    10/28/2014 Previous review
    - Locale Destination -
    Biz model: Yelp sells advertisements and make $$$$$$ off from our free…
    Read more
  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in Hola 2015!

    If I have one thing to thank my piece of crap ex-boyfriend for, it would be introducing me to Yelp.

    Many years ago, before I was familiar with Yelp's Terms Of Service (TOS), he asked me to write a review for his cockroach infested pizza joint in Oakland, CA.  After our Sex in the City style breakup, (think Carrie and the post-it note episode) I wised up and deleted that review (and his phone number).

    Post breakup I continued to write reviews and to my surprise I discovered that people found my reviews Funny, Useful, and Cool.  Another thing I noticed was that Elite writers would socialize and go to rad parties and I decided I wanted in on that.  It only took me about 3 months to achieve Elite status.  I'll never forget my first Elite party at Foster Burger for Yelpoween in 2010.  It was there that I met for the first time some of the awesome Portland Yelpers that eventually became friends.

    I love Yelp for several reasons:  it is my go-to resource when I'm searching for any service or restaurant, I love writing reviews, and I love the Portland Yelp community.  Portland Yeeps are a classy bunch.  We do enjoy our parties but more than that, they have organized many charitable events and give back to the community at large and I have a lot of admiration and respect for them.

    So to you whiners leaving one star, bitchy reviews complaining about how horrible Yelp is, y'all get no sympathy from me.  Embrace Yelp and realize that while not perfect, no website is perfect, but Yelp is a powerful tool and it would behoove you to use it to your advantage.

    So for my 500th review, Yelp baby, here's to you.

    2015 - Review # 8  (Cumulative reviews: # 500)

  • 5.0 star rating

    Yep, I'm Yelping about Yelp.  

    It's kind of like Googling Google...

    But, how could I not pen a review for a website that I'm so passionate about!


    Before I talk about Yelp, I figured I would share my Yelp story:

    So let's take it back to 2010.  
    I'm doing a Google search for a restaurant and the only info, for this particular restaurant, is a Yelp page.
    I thought, "What the heck is Yelp?"
    So, I click on the page and saw that average everyday people are writing reviews.  
    Right away in signed up and started using it as a tool to find restaurants.  I would write a review from time to time, but then something happened...  I started to really enjoy writing reviews, thus my review writing got a lot better.  Before I knew it, someone nominated me for Elite 13' (to this day, I still have no idea who) and the rest is history.


    Yelp itself is a game changer for all businesses.  It's word of mouth on steroids.  So many local businesses can thrive because people are finding out how awesome some of these places are threw Yelp!  Plus, businesses can use people's reviews as a tool to fix their weak areas and strengthen strong areas.

    What other website brings it's users together offline.  Yea, as in person to person.  Not only do you get to meet other Yelpers, but you get to find out about some pretty awesome places.

    Just from sharing reviews, I've made friends with so many people.  Not just local people either, people from all over the country and even people in other countries.

    The most fun part of Yelp, is I get to share my experiences with the world.  Anyone can write a blog, but who's really reads blogs.  With Yelp, people are reading reviews and making good use of them.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I looked back at my first reviews, and could not believe it has been 4 years since my first one.  This is my 700th review. Can you believe that? I sure can't.  I feel like my reviews are like a diary for me. I can remember most of them as if they were yesterday.

    When my Yelp app is down on my cell, or the internet doesn't have a strong signal, and I can't look at pictures and reviews before I make a decision on a place, or look for a place, I feel so lost. It has come such a part of me.

    The Yelp Tampa Bay Elite Community is amazing. We have evolved in so many ways. I have come to know quite a bit of wonderful people with similar likes and dislikes. When you move to a new place, have new surroundings, and you do not know where anything is, you need to adjust and just figure it out. Yelp not only comes to the rescue to find these places, but you also can meet people that somehow, without even realizing it become amazing friends.

    It's a beautiful world with beautiful places, and beautiful people. Why not explore. Thanks Yelp for being a part of this.

    With that, I continue to be excited for the future of Yelp, and everything and everyone that makes it better.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Ahh Yelp, the site where people could review most places that they visited and/or experienced. I say "most" because some places don't have Yelp pages, which made "checking in" & reviewing impossible. In addition to places, people could also review certain bridges, tunnels, major roadways, and even some radio stations, cruise ships & lines. A mobile app was made for those to write reviews, check-in and leave tips on places. Of course we can't forget about the "liking" of mobile activities from other Yelpers on the app. There's also Yelp Talk, which was reviewed separately.  

    I created an account in 2009 to negatively review an SF radio station. It used to be Energy 92.7, which aired a unique rhythmic dance format & attracted listeners across the world. Maybe you folks in the SF area remember this. It went 100% "Top-40", and because a Yelp page was there, almost everyone (including myself) posted negative comments about the flip. I got rid of the review in 2012 when I decided to shift my account towards restaurants, stores, and more. I did, however, positively reviewed another radio station later on.

    For 2010 & '11, I remained mostly inactive due to college. I did, however, use the site to look up reviews for certain places. I also left one short, disappointing review for a restaurant that closed down right on my birthday. Later in 2012, I increased my activity by leaving short reviews for various places across the NJ & NY area.

    I increased my activity even more in 2013 by leaving numerous short reviews, and searched for places across USA, including LV. Later in the year, I started adding photos to some of the places that I visited. Little did I know, that my activity attracted the attention of those who were real & wanted to befriend me here. Cool! A tiny fraction of the reviews that I wrote that year were a bit lengthy too.

    My Yelp Experience in 2014 really went North when I utilized the mobile app and revealed myself with a real photo in the Spring. In addition to my usual activity, I started checking in, befriended more active Yelpers and started liking pics, tips, & check-ins. Of course I sent out compliments to others as well. Apparently my activity attracted the CM's attention in my state, and because of that, I obtained the Elite status for the remainder of the year during the awakening of that Summer.    

    As an Elite, I got invited into certain events and attended them, upon the condition of respectfully keeping up with my Yelp activity and not being THAT guy. Yeah, no one needs to see, meet, or mingle with THAT guy. But they do need to see, meet, and mingle with other Yelpers that they've never met before and hang out with the ones that they already knew in the past. I did all of that. Of course, I can't forget about the cool Yelp swag, and tasty food and drink samples. Awesome! I also decided to make my reviews more lengthy. Since other Elites did that, I followed suit.

    Sept. '14 was a really interesting month for me, Yelp-wise. During my cruise (which was reviewed via a lengthy update), one of my reviews got picked as an ROTD. I wasn't able to see it on the homepage since I was in the middle of the ocean, but seeing it on the archive page at home was good enough. Getting compliments in response to my ROTD was even better, and almost became a highlight of my vacation since I was able to receive them on mobile data in a port of call. Also, I was able to attend a YEE and a GYE that I felt like giving a 6/5. This was for a huge amount of samples in one event, and the fun, family-like experience of critiquing a menu set in another.

    I did encounter some inconvenient moments on the homepage and app on a once-in-a-while basis. There were times when stories about you uploading photos for places & events didn't show up on your mobile profile page. This prevented other users from knowing what you shared unless they pressed the photo button to see what was available. There were also times when compliment notifications on the desktop homepage were off by 1 unit - if you had only 1 compliment seeking approval, you wouldn't see that notification. If you had more, you would get a notification, but the count would be off by 1. Lastly, is when parts of the site and app get shut down due to maintenance. I understand that had to be done at times, but that also delayed the approval of compliments and other interactions between Yelpers.

    My experience here online and in-person makes me a FAN OF YELP!! I didn't receive any rude responses from business affiliates. I enjoyed writing reviews, receiving compliments & NUMEROUS notifications from those liking my stuff, and meeting different people at events. I also enjoyed interacting with other cool Yelpers online. I gained a lot of good memories from events that I attended. My page will always be up, even when I no longer have time to Yelp someday. Until then, I hope to keep all of this up for the next year and beyond for as long as I can. Happy New Year! :)

  • 5.0 star rating
    1/5/2015 Updated review

    Yelp 2014 has been a great year.

    I see the added improvements.

    I love the automated Elite calendar of events with paperless check-in at the events.

    I see the quick response to the flagged problems I submitted for wrong addresses, bad reviews and improper photos.

    I'm so happy with the quick 2015 Elite member selection.

    I am happy to be a member of Yelp in NYC.

    4.0 star rating
    3/4/2014 Previous review
    Sixth year with 600+ reviews and still going.....

    Yelp is still great but the warm community feeling…
    Read more
    5.0 star rating
    8/9/2010 Previous review
    After almost 2 years on Yelp I finally reached 100 reviews, which is a personal milestone for me. (I… Read more
  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in Chicagoin'

    Yelp is the shit.  It's safe to say, after being Elite since 2011 - I'm a fan.

    People's perception of Yelp is a mixed bag, I've heard so many reactions when I proclaim my devotion.  I've been asked why I do all of the work for Yelp but don't get paid for it.. The simple answer is this: I love checking in, writing reviews, meeting fellow Yelpers, and talking about food.  I don't need that to be monetized.  I'm not looking to get paid, I don't feel exploited - it's a fun hobby for those of us obsessed with food.

    I take vacations based around the restaurants and food carts of that location, it's ridiculous... I love it... Having a platform to talk about it with other food freaks just sweetens what I would already be doing anyway.

    I've been told we're ruining small businesses.... only the shitty ones my friends.  Too harsh?  

    It's not a perfect beast... there are some flaws, but overall I remain intrigued by Yelp and it's push to bring business and consumer to an equal level, as well as showcase the small, local joints we may have never found otherwise.  It's a win.  

    More recent flaws are the overwhelming amount of spam I've been getting. I had 20 messages from 20 different bots masquerading as Yelpers.  20!!! That needs to be fixed... like now.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I have to say yelp makes your life easier when you are traveling or don't know where to eat. All the Yelper's that make yelp possible only helps people experience new places to check out. When it comes down to it CM in your community have the best elite parties to experience places you would never known about.  

    Their nothing like meeting great people from all over the world on yelp who share their passion for food. I could not be more happier by being part of the yelp elite family. I'm very grateful to Brittany the CM of the West side for Los Angeles Area.

    If you are looking for a business or a place to eat yelp is the new 411 when it comes to this area. Hands down yelp has the greatest staff.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Last Yelpmas

    Last year I wrote some reviews
    The very next day I did it again
    This year for #500
    Ill give it to some place special

    Once written and twice approved
    Ive drove a distance
    AND your reviews caught my eye
    Would you recognize me
    Its been a few years
    Your reviews still surprise me
    Happy Yelping

    I wrote it up and starred it for you
    With a note saying useful, funny, cool
    And I really meant it
    Now I know what a yelper Ive been
    If you read my review
    ILL like you again.

    Oh Yelp baby

    Last year I wrote some reviews
    The very next day I did it again
    This year for #500
    Ill give it to some place special

    500th review right here, right now. And whats more deserving than going back to my roots, my Yelp roots. I love Yelp. I guess I consider it a hobby. I find pleasure  in writing my reviews. Over the past few years here, I have seen my reviews evolve from a few sentences to lengthy Jingles. I guess its my own personal drug to Yelp it.

    I often check Yelp for all the good things in life. When I search a place I look to see if any of my favorite Yelpers that left their mark. There are a handful of yelpers I follow/fan in the OC area, LA area when their names pop up at the top of my places to try, I know its going to be good with their seal of approval.  If its not so good, I know to stay away.

    I not only use Yelp for my eating addictions, but use it to find the perfect cup of coffee, beauty salons, dog friendly places, Dr offices, shopping centers. Everything and anything.

    Over the past year Ive carefully started accepting friends who are legit with real reviews and pictures. I just dont want to be someones number.  Most live in the OC or LA area, but there are also a few East Coasters, Black Listers, Goldies, Newbies and other Elites that are super duper cool.

    For the most part Yelp has been good to me. In 2014 I started going to some of the events, met a ton of cool people, regularly sending out compliments to people and enjoying their reviews.

    Happy 500th to me!!!!

    #500 December 2014
    Happy Holidays!!!!

  • 2.0 star rating

    This review if for the way Yelp treats its users

    I just got another email from Yelp - removing one of my images!  They don't tell you what image or why it is removed (specifically) and they don't offer a chance to rebut the decision!!  

    This has happened to me a lot in the last year.

    Here is what they sent me in an email:

    "Hi Jim,

    We're writing to let you know that we elected to remove one or more of your photos of Sunshine Travel RV Resort from Yelp because the content didn't appear to be broadly representative of the business (e.g., wrong business, close-up of patrons, etc.). Please visit our Content Guidelines ( for more information, and thanks for helping us keep Yelp fun and useful for everyone!

    Yelp Support
    San Francisco, California"

    I am getting tired of having my images removed with no recourse to get them put back on.

    I feel I contribute a lot to Yelp and am considering discontinuing my use and support of Yelp.

    If Yelp users let me know an image is not right for the site - I'd remove it - I trust Yelpers judgement.  I now don't trust Yelp's judgement.

    I enjoy the input and ideas from others, I love finding places through Yelp - but the way Yelp deals with me is getting my goat!!

    I have also had a lot of problems with my likes of friends check ins and tips being lost and I find it slow or down a lot.  

    Yelp - get with the program or I'll bail out.


  • 1.0 star rating
    2/11/2015 Updated review

    So in writing my compliant about Yelp I received a phone call to "make things right". Surprise surprise.
    Too little too late....... My time and energy is valuable and best spent on my own business instead of trying to chase down Yelp!
    I truly had high hopes and great expectations for those things promised when signing a very expensive contract.
    I feel BURNED, very burned.....

    1.0 star rating
    1/25/2015 Previous review
    I have been paying for YELP to "assist" me with my business  for over the past year. Once they get… Read more
  • 5.0 star rating

    I think it's interesting that most negative reviews were written by the business owners who failed to provide for the paid service they advertise with satisfaction, per Yelpers. While it is impossible to please everyone and I acknowledge so, if the bulk of your reviews are low, I trust you have earned what you initially put out there.

    The divide between customers and businesses is obvious in the review of Yelp! itself and further highlights the need to keep Yelp! going free of censure and private data violations.

    There is no other trustworthy outlet online for consumers to express their satisfaction or discontent. Yelp! serves a purpose devoid of bias.

    Rather than lobbying to force Yelp!'s hand to disclose who the disgruntled customers are (for what purpose, btw, if only to harass those people!), business owners should spend more time focusing on either working at mastering their craft or withholding from false advertisement so as to avoid the backlash.

    We live in an era where everyone seems to think they are owed credit for very little to no work, dedication and commitment. Here's a newsflash for those of you who feel unjustly dissed: not everyone gets to be a winner nor should everyone be getting a medal. If the quality of your service sucks, fix it or change careers and find one that actually suits you where accountability isn't a requirement.

    This isn't the BBB or Angie's List where you can buy your way into the wallets of gullible consumers, and Yelpers like myself will vehemently fight for our rights to express our earnest opinion, be it good or bad, based on the quality of the service you promise to deliver vs. what you actually do.

    Put simply, if you want better reviews, work for it. I realize this is a lost concept these days on some of you but it isn't on those who spend their hard earned cash on dishonest, lazy, filthy and lying businesses.

    Re the Yelpers who complain of the lack of screening by Yelp! to stop those harassing them or putting out fake reviews, your Yelp! reviews have me puzzled. Is your beef with the fact that Yelp! can't prevent those of you with over 1K "friends" (lol) from occasionally being harassed or is it more about the fact that your being online and exposing yourself to a world of potentially deviant individuals has resulted in some of them targeting you for disagreeing with you?

    I don't 't think your reviews are fair when you choose to be so "popular" and seem to like the attention yet complain when you get it and it's not to your liking. You sound like those egotistical celebrities who complain that their privacy is being violated when they took it upon themselves to make it a public affair.

    You are indeed entitled to your opinions (that IS the beauty of Yelp!) but I must admit I was rather perplexed and a tad amused by the irony of some of those posts.

  • 1.0 star rating
    2/10/2015 Updated review

    I was wrong. Yelp hasn't changed, they've just gotten better at lying about how they are using your reviews to make them money and then blackmailing businesses with their shadiness. For a business with the potential to do so much good, they sure spend a lot of their efforts focusing on their bottom line. I guess you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

    Their events section has fallen into obscurity, they censor everything to the extreme, (even more than back in the day) and no one seems to be able to walk away. The Yelp community gets 5 stars almost all day every day, but Yelp the corporation just hasn't grown into a place that's worthy of the same respect. It's hard to separate the two, but I think one needs to in order to understand that you are the product that they are selling. They make money off of you socializing just like Facebook or any other online social space.

    These companies will pretend to be friendly and offer to streamline your life in exchange for access to your personal information, likes, and dislikes, as well as the ability to monetize this info. Enjoy being the product that they sell, be conscious of it and accept that if you are on the internet this is going to happen. The ethics of socializing electronically are essentially non existent for corporations like Yelp & when a company has a choice to change that and instead perpetuates it, they see you as a thing, a commodity and you can not show love to a company that shows you no respect.    


    5.0 star rating
    10/28/2014 Previous review
    Yelp seems to have turned their image around just in time to not only recover but thrive in a… Read more
    2.0 star rating
    9/30/2011 Previous review
    Welcome to Yelp, where you are the product!

    Yelp the business doesn't care. They will use you for…
    Read more
    4.0 star rating
    1/5/2009 Previous review
    Alright, so here's to giving credit where it is due. Yelp gave me my elite 09 badge. For that you… Read more
    3.0 star rating
    11/12/2008 Previous review
    Now a disenfranchised yelp veteran I see the pitfalls oppression and shortcomings of yelp in… Read more
    5.0 star rating
    4/23/2008 Previous review
    Cheers and jeers to you Yelp! I saved you for my 100th review. I love you because you bring out the… Read more
  • 1.0 star rating

    Yelp is a place for bullies to go to complain about things they know nothing about. It's where you go when your small world is disrupted by minuscule frustrations and the only solution is to insult hardworking people in a passive aggressive way instead of attempting to allow the business to make amends.  
    I used to yelp until I worked for a business on the wrong end and realized the damage this site does to individuals. It allows ignoramus' an audience with little accountability.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Yelp is the biggest lie since the better business bureau. Being a business owner I get phone calls from yelp haranguing me to pay $300 a month to get better reviews. The companies a corrupt BS scam that completely does what their stupid "pop-up" disclaimer says on their website that "yelp does not allow business to pay for reviews." Even at my business yelp purposely flags legit reviews that customers had written for me months ago lying that they have some algorithm that proves what should be legitimate. I really hope that google reviews or some other reputable companies takes over because their business practices are completely unethical.

  • 2.0 star rating

    Boy oh boy. How in the world did this Mr.Stoppleman get to be a billionaire over this nonsense. Useful, funny, cool? Are you serious? What about the reviews that are none of the above? What about the reviews that I don't find helpful or disgraceful?

    1. Why doesn't add the "TIPS" feature to its main website. I only see this feature on the mobile app.

    2. The "contact" section is nonexistent. It should be simple to contact this billion dollar company. They should have live chat, telephone, and email support.

    3. I can't stand the fact that they take away so many reviews. They should just include every single review in main line up, regardless of the number of stars. Stop "hiding reviews." Who cares. Zagat Survey never did this.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Its Yelp! So why not write a review about the ones who have let me write such colorful reviews while at the same time awarding me for it by becoming Elite to show for it. Oh yeah, by the way, this would make my 200th review, so Yelp deserves it!

    I began yelping in October 2010 but I didn't really get into serious Yelping until exactly 3 years later! What started out as a website where I would look up places for their reviews has turned into something I love and enjoy doing. There is just so much to Yelp about, whether it be restaurants, parks, clubs, monuments, etc. Just about every single place I have been to, I have written a review for. There is still much more to come!

    Yes, Yelp does get mixed reviews. Yes, it does get bad mouthed because supposedly they erase bad reviews from certain businesses. Until I see that for myself, I ain't believing it! I have yet (at the time of this review) to go to one of their famed events, but I sure do look forward to do so to meet some of those fellow yelpers! Yelp sure has made my social life much easier in terms of looking for places to hang out as well as discover! The countless places I have discovered while being an active member of the Yelp Elite has all been worth it!

    I really do love that the Yelp community informs us of upcoming events, as well as heads up on certain places that will be opening up! I also find it funny that Yelp lets you review your favorite sports teams, which I have already! Haha! I have yet to, and will do, visit their headquarters just to say that I have already done so!

    There is nothing like reading reviews, writing reviews and browsing through the amazing pictures that fellow yelpers have posted. I can say that I have made "Yelp Friends" with others across the U.S. as well as the world! I am constantly on this website looking for the up and coming places to be and go to.

    I am a true Yelper who will continue to do so until who knows when! Thank you Yelp management and the Elite squad once again for rewarding me with such  priceless memories and happy times! See You On Yelp!

  • 1.0 star rating

    In a 2013 article on Yelp was credited for "Focusing on the Human Side" of online social networking. Other key points of the same article noted "bullying sales tactics" and "sub par reviews" as a catalyst for the $34B in revenue the company has generated since it's inception in 2005.

    While I agree Yelp reviews can be entertaining, informative and unique I find them mostly self serving, untruthful, revengeful and down right fake.

    I find it funny that, in the blatant scope of all it's flaws, Stoppleman can still take pride in his "creation" even though it is clearly the epitome of all that is deceitful and underhanded in the world of online social blogging.

    Where else can dueling it out over a title that doesn't give you a pence or crown, much less a free appetizer at Applebee's be so enjoyable to so many hard working middle class people? I have seen less tits and ass at a porn convention and picking up chicks is easier than looking for a hooker on the Vegas Strip.

    I have never understood snitches and turning "informant" on a fellow Yelper all because he has a crown and you don't. It is the stuff of Kindercare. If I wanted to play, I'd share my Legos. What mature, self sustaining adult logs onto Yelp on an Android phone, logs into a fake GPS, inputs an address of a location where a "rival" has a dukedom, checks into the establishment at 3:00 am, takes the dukedom, and perveys such ire at another Yelper for doing the same thing that he reports the "rival" for "violating the rules of Yelp"?

    Let's call him "Martin". "Martin" can (and does) even go onto the site and request an address change so that his "Rival" won't be able to log in. Let's assume that "Martin" has a life. How can a man that works 8 to 9 hours a day with a minimal commute of 30 minutes and a family, "check in" to 25 businesses daily, unless "Martin" works at a mall. Do you work at the mall "Martin"? How then, can "Martin" afford trips to Hawaii and Italy and Spain and review all the fancy restaurants.

    It's a game "Martin" like WOW or Sims... Everyone plays they just forgot to let you pee. I blame Stoppleman and Yelp for "Martin's" mental demise and his desire to be on top to the point where people Yelping for fun and sheer entertainment are held to "Martin's" undeniable personality disorder.

    The truth of the matter here is that everyone is supposed to be held to a certain standard and they aren't. There are FAQ's for Yelpers and I doubt that anyone can pass a pop quiz on them.

    Let's start with chat. Chat is for many things related to, "Where can I take my family to eat?" or "What mountain has the best prices on ski rental?" or how about, "What hospital should I go to for my colonoscopy?" It is not a place for "play on words" or "my wife cheated, what do I do?" or even "FUC the person above you (to generate useful, funny and/or cool votes)", but that is what people do. Everyone is annoyed at some or many aspects of Yelp. It is not a perfect entity nor does it profess to be. What can they change? Honestly, no matter what Yelp does, someone is going to find out how to use it to benefit them and others are going to jump on the bandwagon. You don't always have to win "Martin" sometimes its okay for you to come in second. People still know you are there and you still won't get a free Appetizer.

    Such as the business owner who checks into her own business daily to maintain the dukedom and harasses anyone that dares to take that from her insinuating that they have never patronized her establishment or the passive Yelper who checks into her "own zit". What about the yelper who started a business about "A Guy staring at me on the Bus" and ELITE members reviewing the very business. When called to the attention of Yelp by yet another Yelper as a non-valid business, "Martin", they were told that it "appeared to be valid" even when it was pointed out that no "informative or valuable" information was presented, such as the bus route, number, fare, seating accommodations, etc.

    Yelp is a game and everyone plays...everyone! I have found out about a few great places to visit and I have found out about a few places not to visit. I don't profess to be the "Image of Yelp" and I am not held to "Elite" standards. Another Yelper once said, "I do it to serve a purpose in my life, all-be-it an immature one".

    In my humble opinion tweaks can be made and improvements are necessary and until they figure out what they are and how to put them into play, things will remain as they are. The best thing you can do as a Yelper is keep writing reviews, keep going the places you go and keep socialization classy and respectful.

  • 1.0 star rating


    I have a business account with "Yelp"  and wish I could get out of it, however I now have to pay them,  $ 1900.00 to do so.

    The  "Sales Team",  misrepresented to me how they could actually help my
    business profit through their guidance and manage my account.  Well,  
    the only one whose profiting is "YELP".

    I have an "Account  Sale Manager",  Candace, who is assigned to my
    account and  gives me suggestions how to optimize my business through
    helping with ads, banners and how to write a reply to good or negative
    reviews. However, I am the person who is actually managing my own

    Whenever I broach the subject to Candace,  "Why are slanderous &
    false reviews taking priority over the many "Great" reviews that I get
    and why does "Yelp" hide the good reviews in the  "not currently
    recommendation-ed" section?
    Candace then gets into her, 'Yelp Protective Mode". Starting with, "I have no control
    over "Yelps" review criteria and their is nothing I can do about it and
    their is,  "NO ONE YOU CAN GO TO WITH YOUR CONCERN ". And also I have
    been on the phone with you for exactly 37 minutes and I have other
    I told Candace too bad and reminder her that I was the paying customer
    and she was suppose to help me. I told her I wanted a "New Sales
    Manager" and she said that was not going to happen.

    "Yelp" did a good job in hiring her because she stands by every
    unethical business practice that they stand for.

    Naive Me,  I thought  "Yelp" was hired my me, not the other way around. They are suppose to help improve my business, instead since I sighed up with them they have moved all my good review to the "Black Hole" and leave false and slanderous one on my front page.

    They need to re-evaluate their business practice and help the client that went to them originally for help. I'm not the enemy remember,  I'm the paying customer.  I would like to speak with a "REAL YELP MANAGER AND NOT A SALES ACCOUNT MANAGER WHO IS A BUFFER FOR YELPS QUESTIONABLE  BUSINESS PRACTICES.

    "Yelp"  is making "Billions" off  business owners like me and once my
    contract expires this will be the last I do business with this place.

    "Yelp Executives", Please,  hear your paying customers true concerns,
    and please do not send me a " Yelp Generic  Automated Responds" or
    place my  review in the, "Not Currently Recommended" dark hole.

    This review is truly how I feel about my experience so far to date with
    "Yelp" and I am still under contract for 7 more months.

  • 1.0 star rating

    I own a small photography business and YELP is a good tool for customers.  However, I've seen Yelp corporation do some pretty shady things.  For example, as a previous Yelp ad purchaser, I received a $100 Ad Credit email on Dec 22 that says "Here's $100 to give Yelp Ads another try"  (expires in 2 days)  I went to my account and attempted to use it only to have the system say "Offer is only available to first time advertisers."  Obviously this didn't jive.  So I contacted them.  At first the rep (tsanford) was very friendly until I said I was not interested in a 12-month advertising commitment.  At that point, he said he will look into my issue and get back to me.  2 weeks later, 2 email follow-ups from me, nothing.  I called again and got another rep.  Same thing happened.   I have screen-caps and email history of this entire issue.

    Obviously, the email was sent as click-bait to try to get people on the phone so they can up-sell bigger ad-buys.  If you say no, don't hold your breath on customer service follow-ups.

    And have you tried finding a way to contact a live-person via their site?  Good luck.

    Given how many small businesses are on Yelp, it is very disappointing that they don't seem to care unless you commit to spend money with them.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Dear Yelp: you keep removing genuine reviews from my business page.  Strangely, this only happens when I do not reply to your overly-aggressive marketing agents.  I have mentioned many times why I do not want or need advertising from you--it makes zero sense with my business model.  Why do you keep bothering me?  

    It is very childish of you to punish business owners for not signing up for your advertising, to your own discredit.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Removes legitimate reviews for no reason with no recourse. No way to communicate with #yelp; no way to cancel account.

    I do not want to be associated with a site that has ZERO integrity. Yelp: When you remove this; remove my account too.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Yelp! I love it. I'm actually in love with Yelp.

    Yelp has become my favorite place to go. Read and also write reviews, chit chat on the talk forums or check ins, posting photos and writing tips.

    I made my account almost a year ago and since then have gotten familiar with the community and connected with people near and far that I never would have gotten to talk to if it wasn't for yelp. I find myself staying logged on at all times.. checking in everywhere and keeping up with my fellow yelp friends all day long!

    Yelp lets users give honest reviews of businesses that in return help others choose where they may or may not spend their money.

    Yelp, I love you! You're addicting. Can't get enough.

    Yelp, 5 stars!

  • 1.0 star rating

    I am a small business owner and Yelp calls me daily. They try their best to Extort my business into paying them money to un filter my positive reviews. I have emails from them stating this and 2 recorded calls. I am sick and tired of the way yelp treats small business owners. All of us owners should post good reviews on each others wall and see if they blacklist or filter our reviews. F yelp and everything they stand for. Small businesses are the backbone of this country and we feed mouths with the money we make from our businesses. Yelp is the type of company that if you dont pay to play their game they will put yo out of the picture by putting you out of business.

    Sign our petition to STOP the Extortion of yelp.

  • 1.0 star rating

    I used to love yelp but their filter doesn't make any sense. I've been elite in the past for three years and during that time, I wrote a review which I later found was filtered. Is 200 reviews not enough? Do I not have photos posted? Elite isn't enough????? Come on yelp, at least filter the junk ones with 2 reviews, no stars and no friends.

    As a business owner, this is infuriating. As a yelper, it's disheartening to see that fake reviews stay up while real ones get filtered for no reason. I even called yelp and asked about it and all they told me was "oh that's so weird. I don't know, usually that doesn't happen."


  • 5.0 star rating

    I have to admit that I am one of those people in the restaurant who doesn't eat my food until I can take a few pictures of it so I can yelp it. I also try to take pictures of everyone else's plates before they start to eat, but because they are normally hungry and not yelpers, they ignore me and eat.

    I enjoy yelp because I like to try new foods and new places. I see many people complaining about the reviews being filtered, but I don't have this problem. I have built a large list a friends around the world and in the places that I travel to. This helps me go on to their pages and see where they eat and what they don't recommend.

    I use yelp talk to get my laughs and socialize with my fellow yelpers. I have made a few close friends from yelp talk who I keep in contact with. If you are expecting a serious conversation or a easily offended, please avoid yelp talk. Nobody likes the Debbie downer who complains about everyone.

    When I first got yelp it was for a coupon in Vegas. I had no idea what I was entering into. The world of flirty, wannabe hookups, trash talking, fun, elite events, yummy food, and most of all great people. It is fun and addicting.

    I love yelp and I say all the complainers need to get off yelp and find something else to do. If you are a business owner, hire better staff and people will stop writing bad reviews about you.

  • 1.0 star rating

    as a business, Yelp is the worst..i have so many great reviews that are being filtered...if offer discounts to yelpers and they never even take the time to review. I had somebody using my logo without my permission and without a court order yelp refused to take the logo down. here is a cliché yelp line "the people working there must just be a bunch of hipsters with liberal arts majors who have no idea what its like owning or running a business, and are slave drones who harass business owners to try and trap them into spending hundreds of dollars of their hard earned money to advertise on their page." its freak'n extortion!

    I will never spend a dollar with yelp, and I know they are sitting back laughing saying "that's fine, well just post your competitors ads on your page and let those one time reviewers negative reviews they left when you were at your grandma's funeral go to the top and cost you your business and your home and your life one yelper at a time."

  • 5.0 star rating

    My 1000th Review what a journey this has been Yelp!

    I can't say for sure I've learned everything I thought I might have on this trip that started in June 2013 but I feel I am wiser for it and I have made some very good friends along the way and I make better choices. There are some things I think we both can improve on and since I'm reviewing you I hope I have your undivided attention so don't get caught up with the five star review and forget your responsibilities, those of us that yelp daily do it to make the world a better place and you've provided a great tool to do that and we thank you.

    I find you are very responsive when we contact you and your updates are timely but I feel there are some things that you could do to enhance the experience, maybe it just me and I haven't paid enough attention but a yelp guide would be so much appreciated just some simple instructions to go along with your updates. I feel we could all benefit from this because the bottom line is this is all about providing information and I think you would attract more Yelpers if there was more information available for people to get started.

    I could list a few hundred questions I've had since starting this journey but lucky for me my yelp friends have provided some excellent advice but you as the developer should take the responsibility and have a link of FAQ. One example is as a user I would love to see a "tip" button added along side of the review button so I can choose if I want to leave a tip or a review I currently use an iPad to yelp maybe that convenience is available for other devices I don't know (see what I mean?)

    I do find even though there is always going to be controversy when people have the freedom to express themselves and thats the beauty of the free speech we enjoy and stating opinions responsibly is ultimately that of the reviewer, so I hope my reviews are taken only as an opinion, my opinion and sometimes its just a snap shot of the moment but I alway try to be fair and honest and you have also tried to be fair to the business owners as well even though you don't get much credit for it and you were somewhat forced into it.

    Over-all you've done a pretty good job and you've been pretty successful so I hope you continue with the vision you started with and stay the course remembering what got you here. There are many social media apps that have experienced less success and failed to keep the participants interested because they lack innovation and become complacent, we all hope you never fall into that trap.

    Do I love you yelp of course I do, everyone loves to be part of sometime meaningful and that you are, so remember how lucky you are to have those of us that truly care....

  • 1.0 star rating


    as a business owner, I would like to let you know that I need to reset my business account password, I asked 3 times to reset it, 3 times the message 'we are sending you an email to reset your password' popped up... never received anything...

    did the same with my personal account, received the email to reset the password within 1 second...
    looks like you guys don't want me to be able to update my professional yelp page, why? is the goal of yelp to let people now what is going on where they want to go?

    also, quick suggestions
    . you should post the reviews the most recents on top, I don't understand why on the 1st page I can read reviews from 2011,2012 when my regulars are posting reviews that nobody can read...
    . also yelpers should be able to post only when they check in... just to make sure they really have an experience to share...

  • 2.0 star rating

    Dear Yelp, you have the honor of being my one hundredth review...

    I'm not a typical Yelper...

    - I'm not a Yelp Talk troll.
    - I'm not on here trying to get laid.
    - I'm not an attention grabbing anorexic chick who poses for pics with huge platters of food and talks about her #fatgirlproblems.
    - I'm not a business owner sending people nasty messages while posting fake 5 star reviews and getting upset when they get filtered or's a hint, maybe your attitude is a part of the reason your business sucks.
    - I'm not a weirdo who takes 20 pics of their plate from different angles.
    - I'm not a pretentious dumbass who uses big words and orders exorbitant amounts of food just to brag about being able to afford it.
    - I don't take pics of myself at the joints I go to so that I can try to impress complete strangers on the internet.

    - I couldn't care less about a pretty little badge next to my name and getting cheapo freebies....In fact, I've only witnessed one truly elite act on Yelp in all my years on the site. Yasmin T, who later succumbed to malicious flagging by the LA and Las Vegas Yelp Talk trolls/cliques.....rescinded her elite badge after seeing how unethical the Community Managers she came into contact with were, and how absurdly vile many elites she had contact with were...She was elite enough to not want to be associated with any of that.

    - I don't jump on band wagons and I'm not a hype beast in any way, shape or form.
    - I'm not an anal loser who feels a need to abuse the flagging feature whenever anyone posts something I don't agree with. I don't suffer from an inferiority complex.

    I'm certainly not a foodie...I don't believe in using food as a status symbol... a set of monetized privileges that are gifted to some and not others.

    I'm not a hipster... being one would imply that these hipster trends/foods/joints/etc  are inherently more valuable than those outside of those gentrifying areas. It is, often, also racist exotification. You know, they have no problem with "authentic" Mexican restaurants but really wouldn't want to live anywhere near the people making that "authentic" food for their consumption.

    But I digress, why am I on Yelp? I love to write....and call be a dreamer or a utopian, but I believe that Yelp gives consumers a forum where we can have a voice....we may not have a voice in any boardroom, office, meeting, etc, but we can Yelp...when done right, it balances things out by giving consumers a voice.

    Is Yelp perfect? Far from it, but then like any site it's only as viable as the people using it...the quality, credibility and veritability of Yelp's content is up to us...So here's to hope for some much needed improvements on the site...

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Ode to an app:

    I used to read Yelp reviews,
    And follow advice
    But becoming a Yelper myself
    Made Yelp twice as nice!

    A place to share experiences;
    With opinions, facts and pics
    For restaurants and retailers
    And some landmarks in the mix.

    Where it's deserved,
    I give accolades and praise
    But when food or service is awful
    I express my dismay.

    Finding common consensus
    Amongst fellow Yelper friends
    Chatting about it in Talk
    Or just liking their check-ins

    Check-ins become Dukedoms
    Dukedoms become Baronships
    Baronships gathered en mass
    Become Kingdoms for those with the ish

    But beware of check-in cheaters
    They steal crowns from Yelpers true!
    They deserve to be junk-punched
    And given a badge called "King Douche"

    King Douches aside,
    Excitement still ensues
    When my notifications climb
    With Useful, Funny, Cools!

    Non-Yelpers have trouble relating
    When we don't devour our food right away
    We must capture the perfect photo
    Worthy of Review of the Day!

    My friends roll their eyes
    when my camera appears
    I say, "Please? Just one more?"
    They oblige reluctantly with jeers.

    Reviews of the Day
    Becoming Elite
    How does one achieve
    These little Yelp treats?

    You've maintained my interest
    Since 2010
    But I can't help but wonder
    What's with some Yelp men?

    Is Yelp the new Tinder?
    Did eHarmony reject you?
    Is reviewing things sexy?
    I'm just here to Yelp, dude!

    Yelp suggestions are reliable -
    Reviews won't steer you awry
    So in Yelp we trust
    For the best far and wide.

    So, after the photos are taken,
    Raise your glass for a toast!
    Cheers to the Yelp app!
    The app with the most!

    Happy Yelping!

  • 1.0 star rating

    Where should we start?

    Yelp is a business for itself. Not for the consumer that is trying to get an idea of a local business.
    Like almost every business on yelp, they asked us too, to sign up with their advertising program. $300 / per month.

    After 10 aggressive calls from their sales team, we said we should give it a try. It was a complete waste of money since they did not even have a controlled advertising program to control a daily budget. But they claim that they have a sophisticated algorithm filtering the reviews. Right?

    One we stoped paying them, the negative reviews are on the first page, no mistake and most of the positive ones are filtered. In some cases yelp told us that they filtered the positive reviews because the user didn't have much activity on yelp and that will be against their policy.
    On this note, we have 3 negative reviews on published reviews with accounts created in the same day and without a picture. When we flagged those, they reply that the market should decide that those are or not real reviews.

    At the end on the day, yelp is hurting so many businesses and the end user is directed to businesses that decided to pay yelp for a better public position.

    We will kindly ask yelp users, to help all small businesses stand to this multi billion dollar business strategy of ripping them off and let the free market decide by leaving all the reviews public.

    Yelp is the new Al Capone in a smart technologic era.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1/8/2015 Updated review
    Listed in My Yelp Shelf

    I started writing this review at Thanksgiving.


    I'm thankful for Yelp.

    Why am I thankful for Yelp?

    I'm thankful for Yelp, because other people are thankful for my reviews on Yelp.

    I was contacted the day before Thanksgiving from someone I commended by first name, for his superior customer service.  He reached out to me to tell me that his boss saw my review, which resulted in his company recognizing him for being an excellent employee... and could ultimately lead to a raise come review time.

    That's the positive power of Yelp.

    It doesn't get better than that.  Getting thanked on Thanksgiving for giving my thanks, for a job well done.

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