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2002-03 Book Related Articles

Visiting My Stuff
The Savvy Traveler 01-31-03
by Ann Hepperman

Michael Feldman's Whad'Ya Know?
Wisconson Public Radio 01-25-03

Buy and Buy
The New Yorker 11-14--03
by Marshall Heyman

The story of a man, a woman, eBay and a box
The Daily Local 01-13-03
By David Bernard, Staff Writer

Take My Life, Please
Entertainment Weekly -12-13-02
Gregory Kirschling

Bill Richardson's Roundup
CBC Radio Interview, 12-02-2002

As It Happens
CBC Radio Interview, 12-10-2002

The man who sold his life for $6,000
Sunday London Observer, Dec 8, 2002
Simon Garfield

Shopping is not just for Christmas
The Spectator, UK 12-14-02
Leah McLaren

His old salt shaker is now in Maine
Canada's National Post-12/ 03/ 2002
By Samantha Grice

Everything must go
The Saratogian 12- 01-02

Books: A Different Kind of Selling Out
by Geoffrey Gagnon

'All My Life For Sale'
All Things Considered NPR
Interview by Lynn Neary
Nov. 26, 2002

The Leonard Lopate Show 
Tuesday, November 26 2002

Saga of second-hand sales
Greg Quill, The Tronoto Star, 12-07-02

Everything Must Go! A Life to the Highest Bidder
by Darby Saxbe, The New York Observer
December 2, 2002

It's not the stuff, it's the stories

_______Star Tribune, St. Paul, 12-12-02

A life and times, for sale on eBay
By Kim Campbell, The Christian Science Monitor

How Much Is Your Life Worth?
By Nicole Carrico
The Screen Savers, TechTV

Sale of a Lifetime
By Jessica Rappaport, TechTV, Tech Live

Here and Now, Nov 13, 2002

Screen Savers, Tech TV, 11-15-02

Strange Currency, Box Update

Pages, 11-02

Independent Perspectives, 11-11-02

Trend Central, 11-17-02

The Rake, Minn/St. Paul

Sold on Life
Artist who auctioned belongings writes book
By Reed Dunn, Iowa City Press-Citizen

La Repubblica (Italy)
Come Si Fa a Vendere Tutto Senza Riuscire a Liberarsene
Google Translation

Grass Roots Media

Gallery Michael Williamses Closet - Instant Message Interview - Michael Williams - 02-23-01

Thoughtworm, Issue # 5, Sean Stewart, 06-01-01

Web Based Media

BKYN - Paul Laster - 07-15-01

Eyestorm, Tilman BaumgĢrtel - 04-30-01

Printed Mater

Washington Post - 08-11-01 - Leslie Walker

International Herald Tribue - 08-14-01 -

Iowa Alumi Magazine - Staff - 06-01-01

USA Today - A.S. Berman - 03-08-01

London Sunday Times - Bryan Appleyard - 03-11-01

Iranain Times - Links - 02-05-01

New York Times - Matthew Mirapaul - 02-05-01

London Evening Standard - Molly Watson - 02-01-01

FoxNews.Com - Michael Park - 01-29-01

Des Moines Register - Colleen Krantz -01-31-01

Time Out, New York - Valerie Stivers - 01-11-01


Weekend Edition Saturday - Audio Documentary by Sasha Waters - 08-18-01

Todd Mundt Show - Interview - 4-23-01

Future Tense – Interview by John Gordon – 01-18-01

Iowa Talks – Radio by Dennis Reese– 3- 8 - 01, including the Allmylifeforsale, audio documentrary by Sasha Waters.


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