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Allmylifeforsale As a Book?

In November Bloomsbury will release a book about the Allmylifeforsale project. It was designed from cover to cover by John Freyer. Bloomsbury is planning an US reading tour for the book as well. All My Life For Sale chronicles the evolution of this online project from initially a way to downsize ones life, to an exploration of our relationship with the objects around us.

Allmylifeforsale on Display:

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Sculpture Now Exhibition, May 19 - July 1, 2001, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania,

Museum of Modern Art, 20th Anniversary Franklin Furnace Collection , MoMA Library May-August 2001, New York, NY. Click Here to See my Chair on Display in the Library.

Thaw Festival 01, Iowa City Iowa, March 29 - 31

Eve Drewelowe Gallery, January 2001, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa

Allmylifeforsale In the News

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Allmylifeforsale: What was it?

This was an online project that started October 2000 when I invited about 50 people to my house for an "Inventory Party". They sorted through my things and helped me decide which items best represented my life in Iowa City, Iowa. I have gone through the process of listing every thing that they tagged and more, I listed the domain name on August 1st, 2001 as the final item of the project.


A main component of this project is following where all of my stuff is going. I am asking all of the highest bidders to provide the readers of allmylifeforsale with an update on the piece of my life that they acquired.

I am also keeping track of where all my stuff is going on a huge wall map. I am planing on visiting some of my life wherever it ends up, maybe at your house? You can keep track of where I am and where I'm going by visiting me at Temporama.


I need to thanks the University of Iowa, Margaret Stratton, the Grad Photo Workshop, And Maya Roberts for throwing me a Birthday Party and letting me auction it off, Trey Sager for being the best writer in my world. Sasha Waters for making a Radio Documentary on the Project. (NPR Weekedend Edition ) and Robin Bush for letting me sell the only ring that I ever wore. (and all of the people who are buying my stuff and may let me come an visit it someday)


John D. Freyer

Click here to see a QTVR of my house

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