You're not dreaming... Lobsterfest is back!

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    3.0 star rating
    30 reviews
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  • 3.0 star rating

    I've been here a couple of times, I normally get the same thing, something with crab; I won't risk trying a new item and I definitely will not order any fried items.
    The wait can be long since they're always packed. The drinks are so cheap and they're pretty strong if u stick with the basics. Not worth the calories to consume all those sweet concoctions.
    Our waitresses are usually attentive, but when it's really busy, I don't mind waiting a bit more for drinks..
    The cheddar biscuits are somewhat tasty, but it's so salty.
    The simple salads that come with the entrees are pretty filling and I usually ask for dressing on the side since they usually drown it in dressing if you don't.
    The place isn't that bad if you stick with the basics and like I said before, the drinks are really cheap...

  • 2.0 star rating

    Red Lobster, like most chains, generally caters to those who are either (a) too lazy to dress up (b) on a budget thanks to kids or student debt or (c) too intimidated to go to high quality restaurants but still want the illusion of living it up.

    In my case, I was walking down memory lane. I hadn't been to Red Lobster since I was a teenager and it was pretty good back then, way back in the 1980s.

    Well, things have changed for the worse. I was naïve in thinking that anything involving seafood would have to, by nature, be fresh.  When you walk into the restaurant, the first thing you notice is a huge tank with live lobsters. A good sign, you think. Your dinner is going to come straight from there, a juicy, recently deceased creature, not one that's been packed on ice. Right? Right?

    Hell no.  My lobster tail tasted rubbery, like it had been shipped all the way from China and frozen until the moment I ordered it.  The shrimps were as tiny as those fished from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and salted to death. The fried shrimps tasted like Burger King onion rings with some shrimp flavor added.

    The service was friendly, the lighting was dark in the way some high end restaurants are, but isn't. The bill was over $100 for me and hubby. Ouch. For $30 per person I could have had a huge, delicious seafood feast in Chinatown that would have tasted so much better and fresher!  (The Chinese are even bigger food snobs than those found in Williamsburg, Tribeca or the UWS).

    What a waste of money.  My stomach didn't feel right that night either. Never again.

  • 2.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I have visited many Red Lobster but tonight I will try the queens center mall seems like a cool place hope the service here is good. I think here no body gets dressed up. The water is little slow in bringing the drinks.
    Time for eat

  • 1.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Pretty much the worst meal I've had in a long time. Trust me I've eaten out of trash can that's had more class. I think I can reuse some of the oil for my next oil change. Oh wait never mind, its too dirty for my car.. The biscuits were half warm and half cold, they probably were chilling outside in the snow. I think I'll pass next time I'm starving..

  • 5.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    My turbulent relationship with Dardern Restaurant's former star is as volatile as it's stock price. The chain was sold recently for $2.1 billion. Not a bad deal...

    I approach dining here with the following

    Lobster & Crab Stuffed Mushrooms - Tastes amazing, make sure to squeeze some lemon on her before devouring. (covered with white cheddar cheese)
    Cheddar Baked Biscuits - tastes freshly baked, very dense, CHILL!! - eat only 1 or 2. Any more may will nullify your appetite.
    Buffalo Wings - Count'em, depending on your location, you may be missing 1 or 2 by the time it get to your table. Very tangy, blue-cheese sauce completes the taste.

    Entree: (w/ Caesar salad)
    They provide freedom to create personal meals. Take your time, don't get intimidated.
    I've grown tired of the Ultimate Feast. Lately I've been using the "Create your own combo" with 3 choices. (7 oz. Peppercorn-Grilled Sirloin (bloody), Fish (Salmon blackened), Shrimp (grilled) w/ cheddar mashed potatoes.
    This meal doesn't overwhelm, thus allowing me get up and walk away without food induced coma.

    Dessert: (w/coffee)
    New York-Style Cheesecake with Strawberries. Dear Lord....

    I've visited Red Lobster(s) on both east/west coast, food tastes the same. Therefore, it all comes down to the human interaction.
    -If you get a professional personality serving you, the experience is worth the trip.
    -If you get a trainee, well........keep absolutely quiet, eat, wait for bill, ask for manager, complain, meal will be "comped".

    Then hit the gym really.

  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    This red lobster is great. The waiters are very friendly. The food is good too. The reason I didn't give it a five star is because although the waiters are nice they take forever with the food and getting your order down. I had to wait legit 45 mins for two plates of food. Other then that I have no other negative comments. Love their biscuits.

  • 2.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I've been here twice now and each time it's because my boyfriend craves crabs for an affordable price. It's what you would expect of a chain...maybe a smidge better but not much better. Both times I've been here, service was slow. Wait staff are friendly but for some reason, things are just always super slow. Most recently we came for dinner, we waited for 15 minutes to be seated.

    It's hard to judge the decor of the restaurant because I found the whole restaurant to be very dim and dark. The booths are very spacious and comfy but I always want to fall asleep because it's so dim. The menu has lots of seafood choices ranging from fish, shellfish to surf n' turn options. We ordered the seaside sampler to share, I ordered something with shrimp and fish and my boyfriend ordered a clam bake. The two dinner entrees came with free salads. Boyfriend ordered a cocktail...cocktail took forever to come and came by the time our entrees arrived. Waiter did apologize though.

    Salads were okay but overdressed. Seaside sample was again okay but over sauced. When the entrees arrived, things were okay but shrimp was over breaded and the breading fell right off. Things were just so oily! But hey it's a chain-I get what I get. Prices are higher because it is seafood. Come expecting chain like food but paying above chain prices and getting super slow service.

  • 3.0 star rating

    We went to the subway series game Mets VS Yankees at Citi Field. After the game we ended up stopping at this Red lobster. The location was right of Queens Blvd it looked like a nice place. Inside there was one of those lobster tanks that most seafood places have. I didn't feel like eating seafood that night.  Everyone else i was with had seafood. The menu was all seafood except 4 things that were chicken, I was annoyed of the selection of non-seafood but that is my problem for not wanting seafood not RL. The service was really slow. I had chicken alfredo and a baked potato, It was good for chain place but not good enough for the wait. I did find two piece's of shell in my chicken dish, They were red and from some sort of crustacean. overall It was ok, nothing special. I don't know if i would go back to that red lobster unless i was close to queens blvd.


    - Slow service

  • 3.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    Food was cooked well. Lemonade was hot which is weird. Customer serivce was fast and nice just not genuine. Place is always packed but inside shopping center so u could shop.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Come here a few times a year. Generally clean and the bartender is always great. If your group is not too big, sit at the bar. The issue I have with the servers is that when they forget some thing they tell the patrons that we didn't tell them that. I thought it was just me but I hear the same issues from the tables nearby. I would fell better if they just said they must've overlooked it but dont tell all of these people WE forget to tell you. Especially if I point the items out on the
    munu, (to the server Paige).

  • 1.0 star rating

    Omg this Red Lobster is the worst place to eat at and it's sad. I've been going to Red Lobster for more than 25 years with my family and friends and was happy when they opened in Queens Blvd a few stores away from Sizzlers. I went yesterday with my husband to have some drinks and eat and was shocked with the change of the menu my favorite platter no longer available. Seems like they only have a few choices now anyways that's not what killed it for me. First we went in and asked for a table for two had to wait like 10mins (place was empty I should've waked out then) they gave us a table and no one came to us,for about 15mins to order our drinks and appetizer which took another 15-20 mins (I could understand if the place packed,but it was empty) We finally ordered our food and by the time we were done waiting waiting and waiting we got out check. We spent a whole lot of money (no red lobster doesn't have happy hour which sucks)  Skip this place your better off eating at Joes Crab Shack right next to the Jcpenny entrance they have Happy Hour everyday from 4-7 and then 9-closing. On Tuesdays they have $2 drinks all day and $2 appetizers all day! Will never go to Red Lobster again plus I woke up with a bad stomach today I think they add something to their food that makes ppl get sick. I gave it 1 star because it won't allow me to leave my comment without a rating!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Just came back from a late lunch with my daughter.  I am certainly NOT a big fan of chain restaurants but after all these endless ads on TV featuring all these mouth watering Grilled Seafoods...Shrimps, Lobsters, kind of want me to try it....Hmmm, the wonder of ads,

    There was a long wait, almost 40 minutes before we were called.  At almost 3:10 pm I was really getting hungry since I purposely skipped breakfast, looking forward to a big caloric feast...We had the lobster Pizza for appetizer...really good, thin crust topped with freshly  diced  tomatoes & lobster.  It was delicious.  Caesar Salad came next & I always loved their Cheddar bay biscuits. Camille had the Lobster, Shrimps & Scallops & I had the 3 Selections combo of Grilled Sirloin Steak, Med Rare, Seafood Stuffed Flounder & Shrimps Linguini Alfredo, with Garlic Mashed potatoes...  

    Everything came out surprisingly very good...Had to bring home a doggie bag of almost half of the pizza, Mashed potatoes and the Stuffed Flounder.  We didn't have  any more space left for desserts so the waitress gave us a big sliced of Carrot cake with the doggie bag.  It was all worth the wait, but would we go back there again...definitely but certainly not on the weekends...and I should mention that we had a very nice server named Marielle.  Pleasant & very accommodating..

  • 4.0 star rating

    Good food, great service !!! I came here here with my boyfriend many time. And never been disappointed.

  • 2.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Confirming what most people are saying about this location: the service is bad. Our waiter was distant and impolite.

    Not only that, the wood-grilled lobster (a $27 dish, mind you) was both burnt and unbelievably salty. How could they serve burnt lobster? The scallops on the dish also tasted terrible. Oh, and the coffee--also burnt.

    The Shrimp Linguini Alfredo tasted good, but did not look fresh. Some of the ends of the pasta were dried up when it was served.

    The only dish that was satisfying was the chocolate chip molten lava cookie (even though the lava didn't spill out like it was supposed to; it was just semi-hardened on the inside). But then again, you can't really mess that up, they probably have it pre-made.

    Go elsewhere for dinner instead. Don't let this place take your money undeservingly.

  • 5.0 star rating
    9/7/2014 Updated review

    I went there last weekend for my Boyfriend's birthday. we waited 5 minutes to be seated witch is highly unusual for this location, the food was great once again. We went there for crab fest Our waitress was very nice and attentive. What made it even better is that I had 2 red lobster gift cards and a free appetizer coupon. Try the mussels they are so good. So I barely paid anything I loved that.

    5.0 star rating
    6/7/2014 Previous review
    My boyfriend and I went here for lobster fest. The wait was long but at this location it usually is… Read more
  • 1.0 star rating

    This was the worst red lobster I have ever been to, the service is terrible. The waiter was rude and never refilled my water the whole dinner, he walked by our table twice without looking at me or my bf. It was my birthday dinner, too, so it wasn't a nice time. He gave me a candle with a cup of whip cream!!! How rude is that? The people that work there are inconsiderate. Do not eat here.

  • 4.0 star rating

    After reading the yelp reviews, I was a bit hesitant to eat here, but after dining here, I feel like these yelp reviews aren't up to date!

    The staff was very friendly to my boyfriend and I. We walked into Red Lobster with a greeting and were seated a couple of minutes after.

    We had the sampler as a appetizer, which I have to applaud them on. The coconut covered shrimp was delicious. And that sauce! Yum!

    I had the shrimp trio, which I felt was great. It was buttery, and the shrimp alfredo had me wanting more!
    My boyfriend had the snow crab legs. It tasted fresh and the butter just topped it off :)

    Overall, we had a good experience here. Our waitress was very fast on refilling water and our delicious (but filling) buscuits.
    Will come again!

  • 1.0 star rating
    5/25/2014 Updated review

    I am amazed how much this place has changed!! I used to come here every occasion and the waitress and staff has left a very bad image.  Be careful of the server Leonna she will ignore your table completely. We were left unattended for 40 minutes, i started chocking and desperately needed something to drink, luckily another waiter Sean was very helpful.  The waiter gave us the wrong order and didn't even apologize, i ordered corn and not corn on the cob.  The bathrooms were disgustingly filthy and the waitress was very unapologetic that she left our table unattended.  I am extremely disappointed at red lobster for this service.  My sister came all the way from Miami to visit us.  I had complained to the manager and offered us a $20 gift card on our next visit but we refused, there is nothing that can be exchanged for service.  NEVER again in this establishment.

    5.0 star rating
    6/8/2013 Previous review
    Not a bad place for fresh seafood, very affordable.  Just a bit greasy.  Service is very good.  Wide… Read more
  • 2.0 star rating
    1 check-in
    Listed in Yelps 100!!!, YUMM-O

    let me just start off by saying I'm a red lobster fan for many years, I have childhood memories dinning here with my family.

    Unfortunately i feel red lobster's food quality has gone down somewhat.

    Our order: Sweet Chili Shrimp, a dozen hand-battered shrimp tossed in a spicy chili sauce (appetizer), this was pretty good, spicy, but mild, not crazy hot. My honey ordered the Blue Cheese Sirloin, a 7 oz. peppercorn-seasoned sirloin topped with creamy blue cheese sauce, with mashed potatoes, which he enjoyed. I ordered a shrimp and flounder dish, came with shrimp scampi, breaded shrimp and flounder, decided to sub my side for there langostino lobster mashed potatoes, for me the mashed potatoes were the best thing on my plate! The breaded shrimp tasted frozen, flounder was super bland and the scampi was Okay. Wasn't impressed at all, kind of let down actually.

    FYI: We have also tried there lobster pizza, thin-crust topped with langostino lobster meat, melted mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes and sweet basil, this is delish. (we didn't get this at this location, we ordered it at Red Lobster, Westbury).

    SERVICE: we went for lunch, 3ish. No wait, we were seated right away. Took a few minutes for our waitress to get to us. After she took our order I asked her if she could bring us water (which i believe should be brought to the table as soon as you get there), she said yes like in an "of course" type of way. A "server" brought us a basket of there yummy bread, still no water. My honey had to ask 2 different waiters for water. When we finally got water, it was brought to us by the same "server" that brought us the bread 15 minutes ago, who over heard my honey complaining to another waiter that he had asked his waitress twice for water. Remember when i said it was like 3ISH!!! Place was not packed at all! Kind of annoying. And no one really seemed to care about our water, BUT WE the PAYING customers did!!

    not really "feeling" Red Lobster, and i def wont be back to this location. The one in Westbury, Long Island is much better, but even over there my honey was complaining about food quality. I feel bad saying that, i like to practice "brand loyalty"!

  • 2.0 star rating

    Had the large lobster,crab legs and two kinds of shrimp dinner.
    Seafood was so salty it was almost inedible. Even the Cesear salad dressing was so salty I ate the salad with no dressing.
    The wait staff is pleasant but have not been trained.
    We had to ask the waiter to clean the table because it had been left dirty from the previous diners. We never got an empty plate for all the shells from the crab and lobster. No water was offered, I had to ask and then only one glass was brought over.
    All in all I wasn't happy. If your going to spend $80 for tow with a soda and a drink go to a place with better service.

  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    Enjoyed a lovely lunch here the other day. One of the upsides to coming here during a weekday is that it's practically empty. Also our server was quite attentive and friendly. We got our food quite fast and checked in on us regularly. Excellent service!

    They have great lunch deals, giving you a chance to add seafood into your life without breaking the bank. Build your own lunch starting at $10.99 and don't forget to add a drink to your meal. They have a promotional drink right now called the Zombie. It is quite strong and quite good.

    My favorite part of Red Lobster is their cheesy bread. Yum.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I've been a customer here many times and for a stop and go break from shopping, this is okay. Red Lobster is of course generally pricey for what you are getting which is basically a mediocre amount of sea food for a premium price. But that's okay ! You know why? The answer is simple, free unlimited signature red lobster biscuits ! So the next time you venture in from your tired journey try some, their free and delicious! The many times I go I always order the meal combo which of course like many features a appetizer, entree, soup , and dessert. Compared to the rest of the menu, this is a no brainer for me. Also keep in mind do not over order! Even if you have a family of 10, even if your server suggests something else, because remember, FREE biscuits and nothing beats free. Let me emphasize that they are not regular free dried packaged reused biscuits, they are delicious free ones. By the way majority of times no one will mention that they are free or unlimited in fear of price-savy customers like myself, so remember to ask ! So if you didn't take in anything from this review just remember go for the free biscuits.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Hey, it's Red Lobster. Endless, fluffy Cheddar Bay Biscuits, salads and wildly salty microwaved platters of seafood. The oversized drinks and biscuits are what keep me coming back. Best part about this particular RL location is that it's located within Queens Plaza Mall. Park, shop, drink and eat biscuits.

  • 3.0 star rating

    The biscuits were good. Wasn't too thrilled with the service or the food.

  • 4.0 star rating

    My favorite place when I'm craving for snow crab legs! They also have the best  Caesar salad; always so fresh and crunchy.
    We went there for a late dinner last night and had to wait longer than usual for our food. The waiter told us there was only one cook (!)  coz it's a weekday. For such a big restaurant, it's not good. I guess they didn't anticipate a lot of latecomers. Most of us were in groups. We also had to wait long for our waiter to come back after serving us our favorite biscuits; we were dying of thirst!
    We felt bad for him coz he was so busy.
    Otherwise, we love coming to Red Lobster.
    My daughter had tilapia with roasted veggies and she loved it! We each had the Caesar salad and I had my usual crab legs and my son had the fettucini Alfredo. We shared the crab and lobster stuffed mushrooms. So good! It was all so filling we didn't have space for dessert, but I highly recommend the chocolate wave and the warm chocolate chip lava cookie.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Come on, who can hate on Red Lobster?  If you do, you must hate cheddar biscuits.

    Seriously, this particular chain is pretty good for the most part.  The food is what it is.  I'm not going to get into details but long story short if you like cheap salty seafood then you're in for a treat.  I personally like the fried shrimps and scampi shrimps here.  Oh and the killer cheddar biscuits too.

    For a RL that gets a huge amount of traffic (due to the lack of other real dining options other than an Outback here in this chaotic mall) they actually do a pretty decent job with the service and overall experience.  The food here gets out pretty fast and all the waitresses I've dealt with here were extremely friendly.  While I think the RL in Paramus and in Seacaucus serves slightly better quality food (difference in preparation maybe?), overall you can't go wrong in this RL either.

    Just be warned - this place gets filled up fast.  Since it's in a mall, there's also a ton of families and kids.  It's also generally very noisy here, so don't expect a quiet meal.  

    Personally I like sitting near the bar, it's nice to get a bunch of TVs nearby while I inhale my shrimps and kick up my cholesterol level

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Endless Shrimp $14.99! You better come on a empty stomach and in beast mode. I came here with a friend right when they opened. This Red Lobster has a B rating but it didn't stop me from beastin on their shrimps. They all tasted cheap and all the shrimps were pretty small but hey, it's endless so how could I complain?

    Teriyaki Grilled Shrimp - Sweet teriyaki sauce was okay. The rice wasn't very hot and tasted really bad. As for the shrimp, they were on skewers and surprisingly decent. Of all the shrimps you can choose from, the teriyaki ones were the largest.

    Parmesan Shrimp - So-so. Very small shrimps, you probably end up ordering at least 2-3 of these.

    Garlic Shrimp Scampi - Extremely buttery and oily. This is the one I kinda stayed away from. You might as well melt a stick of butter and gulp it down.

    Shrimp Linguini Alfredo - My personal favorite would have to be the alfredo. I simply enjoy alfredo sauce and having it with shrimp and the endless deal, it was pretty awesome. It's obviously not the greatest quality of shrimp and alfredo but like I said, it's endless so just keep beastin til your stomach says no more.

    Hand-Breaded Shrimp - Basicall popcorn shrimp. The dipping sauce is weak. I rather use ketchup. It's very small, they only give you a few pieces for each order so expect to order at least 4 of these. It's a little salty.

    Service - Came in right when it opened, empty restaurant, great service.

    Verdict - The endless shrimp comes with a salad and unlimited biscuits. Try to keep away from the biscuits. You don't wanna fill your stomach up on bread. As for salad, eat maybe just 30% of it while you wait for your shrimp dishes. Stick with water, don't fill up on sugary beverages or beer. Order the Shrimp linguini alfredo towards the end because the sauce is heavy and filling. Beast on the other shrimp items and then finish off with the linguini alfredo. Reason I went early is because all of the items are high on calories and crap. i figured if I beasted early in my day, I still have the rest of the day to burn it off.

    Endless Shrimp deal is limited time only, so go while you can.

  • 1.0 star rating

    The first time I have walked out of a Restaurant and it was this Red Lobster. I was here earlier today, and after ordering an appetizer and waiting half an hour, i realized as people being seated around me were getting there food before I even got my app. Finally I get my waiter's attention, and he reassures me my food is coming, i wait another 5mins and I walk out. I'll never go back!

  • 1.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    My partner and I have been here several times and always have a bad experience. We don't come often and it's the only one close to us which I why we end up here. The wait staff are often unfriendly to us don't know about others and they are soooo slow. The food is Red Lobster quality take that as you will....I like shrimp so it works for me. Another downer is all the prices have risen! Endless shrimp used I be $15.99 now it's $17.99 that's ridiculous! Rant over it'd be worth it to travel to the one that's further away the service there was better...

  • 2.0 star rating

    Service- unfriendly . Everyone looked so unhappy working there . but she did a good job w our soda refills if that makes things better .
    Food- got trio. Not bad. Small tho .  & Biscuits.  Yum .

  • 4.0 star rating

    I was attended by Lametrice and she certainly did her job well.
    She was attentive and courteous, the way every waitress should be.
    She wasn't annoying like most waitresses who frequently interupt conversation to ask "Are we still working here?"

    The restaurant appeared clean as well. Idky many people rate this place poorly.

    Them cheddar biscuits doe!! They had me trippin for more!

  • 2.0 star rating

    This restaurant has some management problems. I read the reviews before we came for dinner. It seems that waiting to be seated is most people's experience. I called but they didn't accept reservations. And it's ridiculous that there were people waiting when we got there while half of the restaurant was empty. We chose to sit at the bar instead. The waitress at the bar was friendly but she seemed too busy to tend us (actually only 4 people sitting at the bar). Funny is that I ordered a small yuengling lager on tap and the beer ran out only filling up 1/5 of the glass. I'd never seen a bar running out beer like that. "Didn't they take the inventory?" I couldn't help wondering. We extra ordered 6 raw oysters. I asked the waitress if they had raw oysters today and she answered yes very positively. However 10 minutes later, she came back and said they didn't have raw oysters. Bad, bad wait staff training and management!

    We ordered a combo of lobster, scallop and shrimp which was ok. The rice was dry and hard. The broccoli was soggy. Another thing is at least 5 groups celebrating birthdays that night. Each got an ice cream. This is actually not a bad place for celebrations mainly because the decor is decent and seating is comfy.

  • 1.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    This location is terrible. I would never ever come back here even if it was the last restaurant left for sea food. My family loves red lobster and it's been awhile since we've eaten at one. We decided last night to eat there since I was craving the biscuits and sea food. The whole family went out. We always have a good experience at Red Lobster but last night was the worst I've ever encountered.

    1. Poor and horrible service
    2. Long wait- when we were seated took 10 minutes for someone to come to our table. Out waiter Didn't ask us for drinks order brought out biscuits and two plates when it was 5 at the table and no utensils. We asked for the utensils and she came back with our drinks which took forever to get and no utensils again.
    3. Our appetizer was super salty the mussels in wine sauce I still ate it but never again will I order it.
    4. When we got our salads we still didn't have utensils and sat for awhile to get them and was just staring at our food.
    5. My hubby and brother in law ordered steaks and were not cooked to there liking so they sent it back and had to wait for them.

    The waitress was nice even apologized for getting the steaks wrong but she really should've apologized for not being on point with her service. We left full but not truly satisfied with the experience and the service is one of the most important part of having an enjoyable evening.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I've frequented this location on multiple occasions. It is usually pretty busy, but I have never had to wait for a booth. The food is okay. It is a little on the salty side, but that might just be my palate. Last time I came here, I had the lobster pizza as an appetizer. It was pretty decently sized and I was too full to eat an entree. I actually noticed that it was actually lobster meat since some of the meat was in the shape of a claw. My only complaint is that the waiter took away my food before I was finished. I was just about to open my mouth to say I wasn't done eating, but he basically took the plate and put other items on top of it. Overall, I usually come here when I'm in the area and in the mood for some seafood.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Admittedly not the best Red Lobster in the world but it's not that bad.

    It's very crowded and loud. Sometimes the waiters forget about you and leave you waiting for a while or are new and thus are nervous or forgetful. It's alright, we're all human beings. Food wise, it's average. I usually get the 4 course 16.95 meal and the unlimited bread is kinda dry and not that palatable but the rest of the food is decent.  

    it's not fantastic but it's not terrible either.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Amazing service. We got more than enough biscuits and drinks throughout the night. The shrimp and scallop pasta, New England clam chowder, Caesar salad, brownie, and caramel cheesecake were delicious. The kids had crayons and coloring pages. And their drinks came in plastic cups with lids and straws!

    Only complaint was the Maine lobster tail was overly salty. As long as you don't order that, the food was great. Because the service was so wonderful, no one wanted to speak up about the lobster tails. But they really were so accommodating that I'm sure they would have done something about it.

  • 1.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    This Red Lobster is so bad. The biscuits they served us was so dry and it did not taste good at all. Also, we asked our server about the 4-Course 'Feast,' and he told us that it was 'kid-portioned.' Hearing this, I decided to get an appetizer as well. When we received our food, they were not 'kid-portioned.' I don't know why my waiter said that but unless you are super hungry, the 4-course feast is enough. I was really pissed that the waiter made me order an appetizer and cause me to not be able to finish my food.

    We got the Lobster Artichoke and Seafood Dip and it was nothing special. In fact, some chips were soggy and not properly fried, which was disgusting. For the 4-course entree, I ordered the Cajun Chicken Linguini Alfredo, and it was basically inedible, partly due to me being full. The chicken was so dry and the pasta was so full of heavy sauce that I could only take 2 bites of it.

    I wish I could give this place 0 stars. This restaurant does not deserve to exist. They cook crap and their service is crap. Unfortunately, countless people come here, and you will probably have to wait 15-30 minutes if you don't have any reservations.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Come for Endless Shrimp. The coconut shrimp is sooooo great!

  • 1.0 star rating

    88-01 Queens Blvd, Elmhurst, NY 11373

    It is pretty upsetting when a 9 year girl leaves her iPad mini on the table under a kids menu. And the waiter or  busboy takes it. There is no way that someone other then their employees took this item. Not only was it in a coach case but it was under the kids menu where no one would have seen it other then the person cleaning the table. I am a very up set customer due to the fact that my 9 year old child had to experience the fact that people could be so dishonest! Whom ever took this item would have seen a photo of a little girl holding her dog. How sick is this world today that we live in that people still Steele from people if they took something from my child who's to say they haven't taken from others.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Read all the bad reviews prior to going to this place. So did my best to a "good customer" to really see what service was like.

    Honestly, not bad at all, I feel like the waitress knew that I wasn't going to give her a problem and that I was and she was going to be pleasant and attentive throughout the night.

    Ordered the crab bake. So 1 pound of crab legs, potatoes, small scallops, and shrimp. Also had the corn and crab chowder which was good, but just a tad on the colder side. I like my soups scalding hot.

    Otherwise just another dinner night at a commercial restaurant.