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G-3 Desktop Computer, still unpaid for
tag # 000001

I bought this computer the day after I decided that I was going to leave Light Work. I knew that I would need a computer to do the type of work that I needed to do for Wind-Up Films. So I went down to Comp USA, filled out a form or two and walked out with a spanking new G-3 desktop computer. That and a credit contract which gave me the option of paying off the whole thing in 90 days with no interest..

Well, 90 days just wasn't long enough to come up with $2000, especially b/c I just quite my job to work on a ski-film.. So technically I think that I still owe money on this computer.. I have since consolidated all of the consumer debt that I rang up working on "Clay Pigeon" so its hard to tell if the computer debt is totally paid off or not..

Well its is a fine computer which I used everyday, allmylifeforsale is managed with this computer. All of the photographs were processed on this, the web pages built, and ebay listings listed... It has a 6 GB Hard Drive, 64 MB of Ram, a 24x CD ROM Drive a 300 MHz G-3 processor and an internal Zip drive.

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