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National Geographic 1909-1914
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I spent the summer after graduation from Hamilton in 1995, working as a temp, at the Saratoga Public Library. They had just completed construction of a new Library and needed help moving all the books from the old building to the new.

I'm not sure why but there were boxes and boxes of stuff that they decided not to move, including cases of National Geographic magazines.. Having grown up in a house with stack of these when I was a kid, I wanted to rescue the whole set from the landfill...

I only took a handful though, knowing that I would be moving soon and would not have room for 12 cases of National Geographics.. These are the last of that stack.. There are three of them, one from 1904 and another from 1912, and the last from 1914..

Please help me save theses last three treasures from the landfill..

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